Microsoft Unveils a (Somewhat) Tablet-Friendly Version of Windows

It still isn’t clear what Microsoft’s long-term tablet strategy is going to be. But here’s a bit of new info: At Computex in Tapei, it announced Windows Embedded Compact 7 (gotta love those Microsoft product names!), a slimmed-down version of Windows capable of running on minimalist tablet hardware, with support for touchscreens. As Engadget reports, the company also showed off a passel of Windows tablets, albeit under glass.

I still think that a serious version of Windows for tablets needs a substantially new user interface, not to mention a whole infrastructure for encouraging third-party developers to write touch-centric apps. Windows Embedded Compact 7 doesn’t appear to be that OS…

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  1. NanoGeek June 3, 2010 at 6:01 am #

    Microsoft really needs to hire someone who can make up good product names.