Kindle Heading to a Target Store Near You

By  |  Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Amazon is taking a step in to brick-and-mortar retailing by offering its Kindle e-book device in all Target stores beginning on Sunday. The device was initially made available at Target’s flagship location in Minneapolis and stores across Florida on April 25.

Target called the response to the Kindle in its stores “overwhelmingly positive,” which spurred its decision to offer the device across its entire chain. The higher-end discount store would be the first brick-and-mortar location to carry the device.

Competitor Barnes & Noble struck a deal with electronics retailer Best Buy to carry the Nook, which went on sale across the chain a week before the Kindle first appeared in Target. The electronics merchant has also placed Barnes & Noble’s desktop software on some of the laptops and desktops it sells.

The Kindle will sell for $259, the same price that it is available for on



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  1. ereader Says:

    WARNING!! If you buy Kindle in Target, YOU CAN'T RETURN IT once it's been opened!!!
    Oh yeah, and you can't even really check it out. They have one model on display, showing flashing advertisements and sample pages. You can't even get it to do anything if you press buttons.

    Brilliant, Amazon. I was seriously considering Kindle, because I love the read-to-me feature. But between the proprietary format and the inability to test drive it…forget it. I bought a Nook last night. So far so good. Touch screen has a real learning curve, so you need to go into B&N book club forums for tips. My only complaint so far. Otherwise, loving it.

    Too bad Amazon's too greedy to use a common format like ePub. If they did, I'd be reading a Kindle right now. Too greedy=lost sales–the Nook owners can't buy from Amazon. Oh well, guess I'll have to give all my money to B&N and all the other e-publishers and booksellers who use ePub.

  2. Gil Says:

    ereader, THAT IS A TOTAL LIE!!!!!!!

    I know for a fact (because I witnessed it for myself) you CAN, I repeat, YOU CAN RETURN A KINDLE TO TARGET if you purchased it from that store. And they give you a FULL refund.

    So if anyone out there is considering the Kindle but needs to give it a try go right ahead and get one from Target if you want, and rest assured that they will refund your money if you decide not to keep it (assuming you return the item within the given refund period).

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  6. NoTargetAnyMore Says:

    I couldn't return my open kindle at Target. Sux!

  7. WhereCanIBuyAKindle Says:

    Where can i buy a kindle says it will always pay to check the fine print before purchasing.

  8. guest Says:

    I tried to return a Kindle to Target because the screen wasn't bright enough for my 84 year old Mother. They said it couldn't be returned since it had been turned on. How would you know about the screen if you never turned it on!! Won't shop at Target again!

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