Busting the Biggest Display Myths

By  |  Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 8:27 am

My friend Dr. Raymond Soneira, founder of DisplayMate Technologies, knows as much about displays and what makes them look good–or bad–as anyone. And he’s written an eye-opener of a story for Maximum PC on the specs that display companies use to sell their products. Many of them are inflated, confusing, and/or just plain useless. Which isn’t clear to most people, since normal humans know very little about display technologies.

It’s all driven by marketing hype: Manufacturers figure you’ll buy the monitor with the most impressive-sounding sounding numbers. Tech companies have a long history of making claims about their products that devolve into deceptive gibberish, and this may be the most troubling current case. Ray proposes an Energy Star-like program for certifying displays using standards that really mean something, which is a fabulous idea.

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