Ellen Teases Apple, Apologizes

By  |  Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 8:08 am

What, Apple can’t take a (mild) joke?


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  1. Paul Judd Says:

    Question: How do we know what was said to Ellen at all? We don’t have any context outside of what she is saying. For all we know it was from somebody in their advertising division relating to Apple’s agreements with American idol of which Apple advertises for and Ellen is employed there.

    Heck, all we know is that Apple called her – but no where do we have any information as to what was said or who called her. For all we know Ellen is playing off of something unrelated entirely. After all why hasn’t Apple gone after all the other parodies or anything out there? And if this was legal in any way why did Ellen play the ad again?

  2. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    @Paul: well, that’s the downside of Apple’s silent approach to any critique: they just don’t make public statements about anything that could be negative PR. So because Apple choose to vent it’s frustrations with this joke only to Ellen, instead of making it’s complains public, Apple gave her to monopoly on the facts.

    You make it sounds as if Apple is the victim here, but it’s not. At all. All we know is this: someone made a joke about a big huge rich corporation, and this big huge rich corporation, instead of just taking the small, friendly hit, chose to approach that person privately, so nobody actually knows what happened, and this approach apparently made the person apologise in public.

    For all we know Apple threatened to sue the women, ruin her career, and kill her cat. Or maybe Steve Jobs is a close friend of hers and told her at the weekly meal they share he didn’t think the joke was funny, without making any actual requests.
    We don’t know. Apple isn’t the victim: Apple chose to only let the public hear one side.

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    I agree we don’t know a whole lot other than that it sounds like somebody at Apple complained about the bit. Which is why I devoted one sentence to the topic, and phrased it as a question.