Good News, Bad News for Apple

By  |  Monday, May 3, 2010 at 8:15 am

The good news for Apple? It’s already sold a million iPads, more than twice as many as the original iPhone had sold at this point in its history. The bad news, at least according to the New York Post? The Department of Justice and the FTC are trying to figure out which of them should be investigating Apple over its decision to prevent iPhone developers from using cross-platform tools that would allow for easy creation of apps for both the iPhone and other handsets.


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  1. sfmitch Says:

    I don’t see anything coming from this. An inquiry will be made and it will be determines that Apple doesn’t have a monopoly (an important part of the anti-trust equation) and that it didn’t do anything wrong by limiting which tools can be used to build Apps for the its’ platforms.

    Two important paragraphs from the linked story…….

    An inquiry doesn’t necessarily mean action will be taken against Apple, which argues the rule is in place to ensure the quality of the apps it sells to customers. Typically, regulators initiate inquiries to determine whether a full-fledged investigation ought to be launched. If the inquiry escalates to an investigation, the agency handling the matter would issue Apple a subpoena seeking information about the policy.

    Indeed, though Apple has the most applications, it is a distant second in terms of operating system market share. According to comScore, RIM, which makes the BlackBerry, has a 42 percent share, while Apple’s take is 25 percent. Microsoft has 15 percent and Google’s Android software has 9 percent.

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