Opting Out of the People-Centric Web

By  |  Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 11:37 am

Here’s a good post on how to opt out of Facebook’s new Web-wide features. As it shows, if you try to shut off outside services’ access to your data, Facebook attempts to convince you you’re making a terrible mistake. It reminds me of Microsoft Bob’s impertinence circa 1995.

The Web–and tech in general–won’t be truly people-centric until software and services simply comply with our requests rather than second guessing them…



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  1. Keith Shaw Says:

    Wow, only 4 or 5 steps needed to tell Facebook to stop messing with privacy. Plus, any application that starts to add this, you have to block it manually if you don’t want friends who allow the apps to extract information about you. Sounds like too much work for the average user, which is exactly what Facebook wants. If you don’t make it easy, most people will just give up and accept it because they want to make sure they can still play Farmville.

  2. Lisa Valentine Says:

    Sounds like it will just be more fodder to make companies block employee access to Facebook and social media apps.

    If yours is one of them, here’s a helpful resource. It’s a whitepaper called “To Block or Not. Is that the question?”


    It has lots of insightful and useful information about identifying and controlling Enterprise 2.0 apps (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SharePoint, etc.)

    Share it with the IT Dept.