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By  |  Monday, April 19, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Barnes & Noble says it’s readying updated software for its Nook e-reader that will speed it up, improve battery life, fix a screen-freezing problem, and add a Web browser, chess, and sudoku. The update comes more than four months after the Nook shipped to less-than-glowing reviews. Judging from my experience with the e-reader, better performance and fewer interface oddities are the most pressing impressing interface tweaks that it needs–I’m going to try the update and see if if makes the Nook feel more like a 1.0 product.


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  1. i1patrick Says:

    Please stop posting articles without titles. It’s inconvenient to need to read an article in order to determine if I wish to read it or not. Thank you.

  2. hereticrick Says:

    The 1.3 update vastly improved the nook. It’s now on par with the Kindle in the way it was -supposed- to be at release. It’s just a much slicker device now. It’s too bad all the hype happened before this patch, because it’s almost impossible to find reviews for the nook that are up to date with this -very- important update. I realize this is really BN’s own fault for not getting this patch sooner, but still.

    Nook reviews seem to come in two types. First are those posted between the announcement of the nook and before anyone actually got their hands on one. These are usually over-the-top glowing reviews based solely on what was ‘promised’ of the nook. The ‘Kindle killer’, etc. The second type of reviews are those that were posted in February when nook became more widely available and people actually got their hands on them, but before the 1.3 patch. These reviews are generally pretty awful. I wish more people would review the current nook, because it really is a vast improvement.