iPhone OS 4 Developer Beta: The Bug List

By  |  Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Like any beta, the iPhone OS 4 Developer preview is buggy. Below is a running list of issues that I have run into, or which have been reported by other sources. I’ll cross them out when I find them fixed in future builds. The initial list contains all known bugs from the first beta, build 8A230M.

If I didn’t find the bug myself, credit is given in parentheses.


  • Installation issues on Windows machines (PCWorld)


  • Issues joining WPA2 protected networks (PCWorld)


  • Screen scrolls back and forth without user input during SMS/MMS sending
  • Keyboard covers portion of message body sometimes covering text while typing (especially after attaching an image)
  • Occasional failure to display navigation header, requires reboot to restore


  • Keyboard sometimes covers text while typing
  • In Gmail accounts, mail is archived and not deleted. No way to change to deletion instead

– backup fails in iTunes, saying iPhone has refused the request

– Setting custom wallpapers can occasionally fail

– Occassional failure to detect cellular network to launch store

-Considerable lag at launch


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  1. colin roberts Says:

    also, when viewing images within the camera app, the phone staus bar appears

  2. Scott Says:

    If you have a PIN number set up for your device, entering the wrong PIN number WILL brick your phone that even recovery mode won’t restore it. I ended up having to get a new phone from the Apple store.

  3. Ed Araquel Says:

    Visual Voicemail does not work on Rogers and Fido networks in Canada after installing OS 4.0 beta 1.

  4. Mark Thomas Says:

    Getting reports from a couple of my guys that Visual Voicemail also isnt working on O2 in the UK.

  5. Andrew Murray Says:

    Visual Voicemail not working in UK.

    Some times have issues scrolling up in apps / appstore.

    Camera Lag as reported.

    Cant copy a picture to email (says its copied but pastes the last text item you copied)

    3G signal ‘iffy’ drops out every so often requiring airplane mode on / off to rejig it.

  6. Sebastian Says:

    Germany, T-Mobile
    iPhone 3GS 32GB
    Visual Voicemail not working

    On new voicemail, all voicemails appear for 2 seconds and then all disappear again.

  7. Dylan J Says:

    Anyone else have problems with the alarm? My phone overrides my selected alert noise to the tri-tone (which isn’t even an option) and doesn’t make any noise if the phone is in silent…

    also does the search in the MMS app actually do anything? no matter what I type I get “No Results Found”.

  8. Ben C Says:

    I have had Safari lockup in landscape view several times. No amount of rotating/turning the iPhone solved the issue. I had to reboot each time.

  9. RobSaint Says:

    Camera taking double exposed images.
    Screen goes completely black regularly in several Apps.
    Visual Voicemail not working on O2 in UK.
    Photos don’t rotate when turning the phone.

  10. marc s Says:

    @Dylan J
    “alarm…doesn’t make any noise if the phone is in silent…”

    same here…found out the hard way this morning when i overslept.

  11. Kirn D Says:

    Also getting the double exposed images with camera app while in zoom. However 3rd party camera apps with zoom work with no problems. Also the photo app crashes when attempting to view photos by “Places”

  12. Mark Thomas Says:

    Same here with photo app and places…

  13. Volsk Says:

    – Visual voicemail not working on T-Mobile NL
    – Blank screen on some apps
    – Distorted colors on some apps

  14. Kirn D Says:

    How’s everyone’s battery life seem to be comparing with the former OS so far?

  15. Sirasoni Says:

    Timezone resets to Cupertino, CA automatically and changes time to Pacific time. Made me wake up an hour earlier.
    Mutes lock & unlock sounds.

  16. isaac Says:

    battery life seems good. visual voicemail was working but ceased yesterday, now it dials into voicemail when you select that tab.

    other issues: when downloading a song to the directly to the device using itunes mobile, having completed “downloading” the display status says “processing”. the device then crashes, hard, and reboots itself. after reboot, it automatically attempts to reinitiate the download, and it crashes again. this results in a never-ending loop of crashes. if you turn off the device for sufficient time such that the itunes-store-entered-password time threshold expires, you can break the loop by not entering the password and thereby denying the system the ability to download it again.

    also, the sys prefs > itunes > equalizer

    once you’re in, there is no way out. you can quit the app, but going back into sys prefs from the home screen brings you straight back to the equalizer modal view. you can change the equalizer setting, but you can’t pop the view and so you can’t access anything else in the system prefs.

  17. Mark Thomas Says:

    Wifi reception seems flakier on this version. Previously, where I am sat now, I got two bar wifi- now 1 bar and then drops out.

  18. Moiko Wolfert Says:

    3G iphone on 4.0 beta 1

    bug #1
    I own a big Kenwood car radio with USB and Video-in
    So i always used the video/audio/usb cable from apple itself.
    sinds 4.0 it won’t get recognized by the kenwood radio on usb.

    video out from iphone does work.

    bug #2

    when iphone is empty en you put ons powercord. you get a pie-yellow screen that’s very ugly

  19. Frodo Says:

    did you try hard rebooting your iphone ?

  20. Bernie Says:

    Australia, Vodafone
    iPhone 3GS 32GB
    Visual Voicemail not working

  21. Mark Thomas Says:

    Beta 2 is out – lets see what this brings! 🙂

  22. Chris Says:

    First, Apples SDK’s are only intended for developers which are designed to run on OSX Snow Leopard and not on any version of windows.

    Therefore you can cross of two of your issues.
    1. Installation errors on windows – not intended to be installed on windows
    2. Syncing Failing – once again not intended to be installed on windows, for mac users, you must install the latest beta build of Xcode with OS4 Beta, that will alleviate any iTunes Sync problems, yet again, ONLY ON A MAC!

    OS4 Beta 2 Release on 3GS
    New Bugs…
    1. Camera freezes when taking pictures or video and does not save to camera roll.
    Fixed Bugs…
    1. Text message scrolling issues

  23. Daniel Says:

    OS4 Beta 2
    Vodafone Australia – Visual Voicemail not working

    Text typed into the search box at http://www.google.com is invisible and appears to be being entered a few lines below the box. only cursor visible.

    3 or 4 second lag unlocking the screen.

    Had a few sound issues with Beta 1, all seem ok now though.

    Settings/General/International/Region Format crashes when clicked.

  24. Daniel Says:

    … and another one.
    When trying to download a 9.6MB update, (while connected via Wi-Fi) the phone says ‘Connect to a Wi-Fi network or use iTunes on your computer to download ‘

  25. Kirn Douglas Says:

    I Also can’t save pictures to camera roll; This includes trying to save from safari. Mail forgets account passwords. I hope someone out there is reporting theses issues for those of us who don’t have proper authority 😉

  26. WoofWoof Says:

    SingTel, Singapore
    iPhone 3Gs 32GB
    iPhone OS 4 Beta 2

    Everything got to do with Gallery, camera, print screen, save image all not working, apps can’t access camera/Gallery to add/change pictures. Thumbnails are black boxes in Camera Roll screen.

    Go Settings > General > International > Region Format: crash.

    Sometimes will get black blank screen.

    Passcode Lock will take a bit longer to unlock.

  27. RobSaint Says:

    OS 4.0 Beta 2
    Camera will work to send MMS photos.
    So if you really need to take a pic, Just send it to yourself via MMS or Ping! MMS.
    Then you can copy/paste it to email and mail it to yourself.
    Then save it to iPhoto.

    Long winded… yes! But for the odd occasion where you really need that pic taking, it works!

  28. Andy Says:

    AT&T USA
    iPhone 3G 16GB
    iPhone OS 4 Beta 4

    Only real problem I’ve run into on this version of the beta is that when I click on the Photos app it crashes the phone and does a restart.
    I don’t know if anyone else is having similar problems.

  29. Laurie Says:

    iTunes won't play more than one or two songs in a row. It then goes back to songs list. I've rebooted the phone twice. I've tried with playlists, songs, artists and with/without shuffle on. Frustrating!!!!

  30. Ben Says:

    Actually, I think even the final release of iOS4 is buggy…

    I was (still am) having all sorts of problems with the camera code in an app I'm developing once I moved it to OS4, so I’ve been memory profiling the app for awhile looking for leaks in allocation and other places where I could trim memory use. I was not having much luck reducing the overall memory footprint (wan't that large to begin with – less then 8MB under normal use). I also noticed that OS4 does not seem to reclaim freed memory the same way OS3 does (i.e., not seeing the memory use go down when it should).

    So I decided to compare with OS3 using the same profiling – rebuilt a version of the exact same code base compatible with OS3, compiled and ran in OS3 simulator. Voila! OS3 app (same app) takes about half as much memory and shows consistent fluctuation of memory use in accordance with my deallocation of unneeded objects. WTH?

  31. Roc Says:

    Well let’s just say with this new OS4 update Apple has really put out a bad product. So I got some flashy new things like folders, didn’t need it before, can make a back ground screen, didn't have one before. BUT I DID USE MY iPhone to listen to my music in my vehicle, with my aftermarket Kenwood Head unit that is phone/iPod compatible. But with OS4 my iPhone is iCRAP, no longer works with head unit and my 3G signal keeps dropping.
    I have stuck with Kenwood for years and will continue to use Kenwood Audio, as for iPhone not too sure since Apple wants to put out a subpar product.
    Apple needs to put out an update in a timely manner if they want to keep customers, and AT&T should really make sure they get with Apple to ensure a quality product before released.

  32. Janice Swink Says:

    ever since updating I haven't been able to save a photo that has been sent to me by text or email. It will give me the save option but will not show up in my camera roll.