Next Up: Folders, New Mail App, iBooks for iPhone

By  |  Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 10:47 am

Got too many applications on your iPhone? You will now be able to organize them into folders. These folders will also be able to be placed on the dock, making organization on the iPhone a lot easier.

Apple has also updated the Mail application allowing for multiple exchange accounts and a “unified inbox,” meaning all your accounts would appear in a single mailbox rather than separate ones. Although they might be not on the best terms with Google, they certainly are borrowing ideas: the new Mail app would allow threading of E-mails (a la Gmail, and to an extent the Desktop application as well), and attachments in e-mails could be opened by the corresponding application just like a desktop computer.

Not surprisingly Apple is bringing iBooks to the iPhone. The application looks quite similar to the iPad version, and truly puts the company in direct competition with Amazon. Better yet, if you own an iPad and iPhone, you can have the same book on either device. If you finish part of the book on the iPad, you can sync a bookmark to the iPhone and finish it from there, and vice versa.

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