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What's the deal with Bluetooth? How's Safari? And 22 other things that are on your mind.

By  |  Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 1:15 am

Johnfbraun asks:

How much will it cost to replace the glass after I eventually drop it?

Answer: Well, if you’re lucky, your iPad will survive the fall and live to tell the tale. If not, I’m not sure if Apple has disclosed how much it’ll charge to fix a busted screen. But the cheapest repair services will be offered by third-party outfits such as this one, which says it’ll swap in a new display for $179.

Utzy asks:

What apps come installed? Can you present app through video out to a projector?

Answer: The iPad comes with fewer standard apps than the iPhone: You get Safari, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, iPod, Videos, YouTube, Maps, iTunes, and the App Store. I think that’s it. (iBooks is a free download.)

If you get the optional VGA adapter mentioned above, you’ll be able to hook up a projector and conduct your presentation from an app such as Apple’s own Keynote.

Bglese asks:

How will a family share a single iPad? Mail, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are so personal. No user profiles?

No user profiles, alas–maybe Apple will add ’em in iPhone OS 4.0. You can set up multiple accounts for e-mail, calendar, and contacts, though. And both Tweetdeck and the paid ($4.99) version of Twitterific let you set up multiple Twitter accounts.

Brianattopsy asks:

When will the next version be released?

Answer: If there’s not a second-generation iPad by the summer of 2011, I’d be startled.

The PimpOfSound wonders:

Can you blog on it? (Downloading/cropping/resizing images, uploading those images to WordPress, typing, linking, posting)

Answer: WordPress already has an iPad version of its app out. (I’d prefer to use the Web site; it mostly works, but some bits are in Flash, and I can’t get the rich-text editor to function.) There are already several image editors for the iPad, but I haven’t tried them. (To do the graphics I create for Technologizer, I really want full-blown Photoshop, with layers, text, and filters.)

Joinertek asks:

How long before the first markdowns?

Answer: My semi-educated wild guess: Apple will, as usual, mostly focus on keeping the same prices but adding more features. But odds seem good that the entry level cost will go to $399 or $449 or something at least a tad lower at some point–by the fall of 2011, say.

Navesink asks:

Have you tried putting the iPhone in the iPad keyboard dock?

Answer: The keyboard dock isn’t shipping until the end of the month, so I don’t have one on hand. But the iPad’s keyboard support is part of iPhone OS 3.2, which doesn’t work on the iPhone yet. I assume (and hope) that chances are extremely good that the iPhone will work with external keyboards once it gets its next major software update.

Thanks, everyone–you ask good questions. Feel free to shoot some more my way–or add your own amplifications (or corrections!) to what I have to say above.



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  1. Steve Rea Says:

    As for Wireless syncing, people are already complaining how slow USB syncing is (at 480 Mbps). Imagine the complaining at 130 Mbps for WiFi! (or 54 Mbps if you only have G, and heaven forbid 11 Mbps for B)

  2. IcyFog Says:

    Harry, did you sync your iPad to a Mac or a PC?

  3. David Says:

    I don’t think the slow sync is an iPad issue. I think it is an iTunes 9.1 issue. My iPhone is now sync’ing very slowly ever since the 9.1 upgrade.

    I suspect that it is a software problem.

  4. Marty McPadden Says:

    I agree with David re: the slow syncing issue. Now I don’t have my iPad yet (waiting for my 3G iPad to be shipped,) so I don’t have any direct experience yet. My iPhone syncs slow as well although I normally will skip the back-up portion to speed things along. I’m assuming that is possible with the iPad as well? May help the syncing go faster. I do, however, let my iPhone sync in full about once a week to ensure I have a current back-up in case I need to do a full restore.

  5. BeAloud Says:

    The only reasonable question nobody is asking would be “What kind of hammock do you recommend for the iPad? Rope, fabric, quilted, handwoven?”

  6. Russ Barrett Says:

    Ha. The link to the Stowaway folding keyboard (a Cnet review) lists the price as $3,249.99 at PC Mall. No wonder it’s defunct! (In reality, the PC Mall link goes to an entirely different product, but that price does get your attention.)

  7. joe c Says:

    Any idea if I can use my iPad charger on my iPhone 3GS?

  8. Jared Newman Says:

    I’ve noticed a little bit of warmth when playing games for long periods, but not enough to complain about.

  9. Backlin Says:

    People should be up-ranking Steve Rea. Get a Zune and do some wireless syncing, the novelty will wear off pretty fast. I’m guessing that’s the reason behind the lack of podcast syncing, as podcasts are often longer than songs, and encoded at the same bitrate.

  10. Will Fitzhugh Says:

    Is it possible to run a Keynote presentation from the IPad?

    Will Fitzhugh

  11. Benjamin Edwards Says:

    my sister is super addicted to Bejeweled 2. she plays it from afternoon to midnight. i find it quite an interesting game.;`~

  12. Malon Says:

    Does an app exist that turns the ipad into a tablet that will work with a stylus? Could an app be built to accomplish this function?

  13. Otis Says:

    I have had no issues what so ever with my iPad. No bluetooth issues and no WiFi issues, so maybe i just got lucky. I paired it up with my Rocketfish bluetooth keyboard and bingo it worked like a champ and it connected in 2 seconds flat. With the combination of this bluetooth keyboard, Pages, Course Notes, and Key Note, this thing is a college students best friend, it satisfies any need I have and the Iphone OS is so way easier to navigate than OS X or any microsoft OS on the market. I don’t understand why so many people have such a problem with this amazing little peace of technology.

  14. b blade Says:

    I reside in Sweden and bought an IPAD for my wife in Seattle. She has a Macbook Pro that is two years old but has Snow Leopard and the 9.1.1 upgrade for Itunes. The IPAD icon displays in her Iphoto but not in Itunes. Does she need US itunes for the ipad to work. To double check, her computer can sync to my computer which is only 6 months old. Please help. Thanks

  15. jdemske Says:

    my wife cannot interact with “Happy Island” on Facebook…she can only open and read comments from people…
    How can I open “Happy Island” on FB and use it like on her laptop FB?

  16. Melisa Says:

    Do you have to buy the wifi 3g ipad to be able to have access anywhere outside of a wifi range? Or can you just buy the wifi ipad and have a service plan, and be able to use that anywhere?

  17. Gian Paolo Says:

    I downloaded a movie in my Ipad.
    I copnnected the Ipad into a Samsung LED TV with the USb cable.
    The Ipad is recognized in the TV but…nothing happens and the movie does not run. What is the reason?

  18. Mismo Says:

    Can I transfer a Mad Men episode from the I-Pad to my PC? It uses so much memory but I paid for the episode and want to keep the file – just not on my I-Pad

  19. Skarecrow Says:

    I am supposed to have multiple colored calendars…one for work and one for play. I can't find the button or function that allows me to create two or more….Ideas?

  20. David C Says:

    If I send an email to myself with a microsoft word attachment will I be able to edit, save , and print it from the app pages?

  21. Liz Says:

    Can,t get these ? answered by Apple. Wanted an e-reader,needed a new computor; ipad seemed a good option.
    1 I pay money for a book– is it really mine -who owns it. Can I lend it; can I re-sell?
    2 Privacy and censorship issues- what does Apple do with my choices/info. Can they sell/give to any other entity. Can any Gov,t take my info and/or censor it in any way
    3 I want to have access to my public library, and in any case, I do not want to be stuck with access only to sources Apple decides
    4 There is a site describing itself as a netflix for ebooks,which seems a good idea. Do you know anything about it.


  22. Diala Says:

    Got the iPad very recently and have a basic question. While synchronizing with iTunes which I already use for my iPod, all application were transferred to my iPad, however when I open them they open as a small screen ( size of the iPod ) and when I enlarge them the resolution becomes low.
    Do you have any background about this issue and what can I do to improve the resolution ( things like Facebook, flight control, angry birds ).
    Thank you very much.

  23. sandry Says:

    question: how do I delet pictures from my photo file?

    question: when reading a book do I take thw wi fil off to save battery?

  24. bobby mizelle Says:

    do you have to slide to unlock before you charge your ipad

  25. Susan Says:

    My kids got on my iPad and typed in the incorrect password to buy apps one too many times. Now my account has been made inactive for purchases. Is there any way to fix this without going to the Apple store?

  26. J. Szurek Says:

    Is there a simple way to get the iPad to identify the iOS version?

  27. Andrew Says:

    Can I play DVD's from my DVD player and watch on my ipad? Needs to be Scart out to Ipad in. Was thinking Scart to USB Converter to USB to Ipad-In convertor to Ipad. Also does Ipad have a viewer application to support this audio and video input.

    Any help will be greatly appriciated

  28. Tom jung Says:

    How do I remove or delete an apps.

  29. Jose Says:

    I need to export my agenda (Calendario) in iPad, to my PC. Can anyone help me please?

  30. Jerri Says:

    Is okay to use the charge cord while using iPad or once it is fully charged should I disconnect? I Thoth maybe using the
    Does it prolong or shorten the life of the battery if you stay plugged in to electrical power while fully charged to use iPad?

  31. ANN Says:


  32. clark Says:

    Are you able to use your ipad for quick books?

  33. Brandon Says:

    I want to listen to music while I surf the web. Possible?

  34. Jack Humphrey Says:

    Can anyone tell me if the iPad connects to a digital projector for PowerPoint shows?

  35. frida Says:

    so how is the ipad at multi tasking because i like to hear my music and work on a paper at the same time but then that gets boring and i want to pull up paint and i have all the windows open so i can see what im doing, can the ipad multi task just like a computer?

  36. Alyssa Says:

    I'm having trouble with Netflix on the Ipad and was wondering if anyone is having the same issue/has a solution. This has happened a few times to me: I pause a movie on Netflix , use a different application and then return to Netflix later, after I hit the resume button, the movie loads, flashes the red Netflix screen as if about to resume the movie, but then returns to the main page. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  37. John Says:

    I purchased an IPad from someone on Craigslist. Do I need to contact Apple to get it registered in my name or anything like that or is there a way to wipe it clean and re-register it to myself?

  38. Dale Marantz Says:

    Does Apple have any plans to put the camera back into the Ipad

  39. Ken Says:

    I have a wifi with my iPad can I upgrade to 3G. On this model or do I have to buy a diff iPad

  40. barbara blumberg Says:

    i dropped my i pad and there are cracks in the screen can that be repaired?

  41. vivienne Says:

    my i pad was on and i pushed the button on the top to blackout the screen. a few hours later i went to turn it on and all it shows is an apple in the middle of the page and a "time wheel" almost like its turning on but it wont turn on or shut off… whats going on?

  42. Gil Says:

    How can your sort imported pictures into seperate photo folders?

  43. DJD Says:

    Hi. I do a lot of travelling and frequently hotels do not provide a wifi facility in the rooms. Most however offer a cable internet connection. Is there a gadget which can plug into this connection and then provide a wifi connection or is there a converter available for the iPad to plug in directly?

  44. Dede Reed Says:

    I've had my iPad for about 8 months……I love it! But, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get the headphones to work. I plug them in, but they don't work. All I hear is the sound coming from the computer. Is there some special kind of earphones that you have to get just for iPad? Or do I need to change some setting somewhere? I've tried multiple earphones, even Apple ones, and nothing works. What am I doing wrong!

  45. Nejmie Says:

    I've had my iPad for about 8 months……I love it! But I can't get the earphones to work. I plug them in and nothing happens, don't hear anything. I'm using a pair of Apple earphones. What am I doing wrong??

  46. Nejmie Says:

    I've had my iPad for about 8 months……I love it! But I can't get the earphones to work. I plug them in and nothing happens

  47. Suzie Says:

    I am glad someone else asked about the earphones…I just received an Ipad accessory kit and I plugged in the ear phones and there is no sound from them. I have tried other earphones…what is the problem??

    Thanks in advance

  48. jose caringal Says:


  49. Shahab Says:

    Can someone tell me how to save the highlighted text in from the ebook in the form of notes. In some books the copy provision is there but in some the copy tab doesn't appear.

  50. Ravi Koppada Says:

    What is the alternative to Flash player for iPad? Is there one?

  51. Lauren Says:

    My question is Can I upload my magazine subscriptions to the iPad?

  52. duncan emery Says:

    can you use dongle with ipad for internet conettion

  53. Emma Says:

    How do I get Cydia without a computer can you do it though iPad please help as i am a girl

  54. Brian Says:

    question: wi-fi keeps cycling on and off. what am i doing wrong?

  55. dylan Says:

    I need help, When I click on a app on my IPad it pulls it up and then closes it fast, i dont know whats wrong.

  56. Wayne Says:

    my ipad email only allows me access about 10% of the time. i used exchange to connect to office server. is anyone else having this issue?

  57. Bill Bone Says:

    I received an iPad as a gift and it has business videos that are loaded on it. Can I upload them to an iTunes account to save them? I'd like to have them available to use on other computers.

  58. jim Says:

    Can the GPS and Wifi settings be disabled? My company is switching over to the ipad for sales calls and i think they are using it to track us 24/7. Can I manually disable the gps and wifi? I know i sound a little paranoid , but i work for a bunch of bastards.

  59. aaron Says:

    is there a free gotomypc or some sort of remote desktop through your ipad

  60. Bridal Studio Says:

    Do I have to have a wifi connection or can I download through my PC to the Ipad??
    It states syncing but no apps are appearing on my screen..
    Been using PC's for years but this new bit of kit has rendered me a right dummy
    I set it all up initially.. now HELP please

  61. Fred Says:

    Question my Ipad is running with the little circle and will not stop. How do I reset it.

  62. Alan Says:

    Every time I try to update my apps, I sign in with my Itunes account and it comes back and says "Cannot connect to I tunes store" What;s up?

  63. Raphael Says:

    Please i already bought a bible on my iPad ,used for sometime when i updated it,thus the bible it refusing to open,but the iPad instructs me to check settings and turn note book off,please i can't find any notebook to turn off,please help me very urgently

  64. Andy Says:

    Once I start a song or audiobook, how do I stop (end) the song or audio play? I have been shutting down the ipad.

  65. Picqwik Says:

    Does anyone know how to use the ipad headphone jack outlet to export sounds in the stereo mode to the input of a multi-track tape recorder? I've read about special devices to enable sound input, like guitars, etc., but nothing about how to export sounds and record directly from the ipad.

  66. Trena Says:

    My screen is locked in one deirectionand will not turn/adjust when I turn the ipad over/upside down etc.
    I can see the lock symbol in the upper right corner by the battery symbol but do not know how to unlock. Can anyone help?

  67. Jenn Lewis Says:

    When syncing my ipad with my computer via itunes, I get a notice whenever it starts syncing pictures that the sync failed because "The required files cannot be found." The first time I synced my ipad it all worked fine and the pictures on my ipad showed up, but when I tried to open them again I got the message "high resolution images synced via itunes are missing. Connect your device to the computer you sync photos from and launch itunes to sync them" When I do this I get the message above about required files…help????

  68. sherry Says:

    My ipad is hung up and won't shut down. I keep seeing the little spinning circle but it won't change or shut down. What can i do?

  69. Boyd Says:

    If your ipad was connected to wifi and attached to a credit card that has expired, how do you update the credit card so that the ipad connects itself to wifi?

  70. Gina Says:

    Can I down load the apps I bought for my iPhone to my iPad without paying again?

  71. miked Says:

    hi, i am looking for a device that can download books and movies and be used for email. those are the onlyy functions i want. Is the Ipad appropriate for this or is another device better if I only want those functions/

  72. Sean Says:

    Is iPad and htc compatible?

  73. Lisa Says:

    A simple question, what is an iPad?

  74. dubai pet Says:

    Really unquie article I`ll certainly be back to follow your website much more

  75. Karl Kammann Says:

    can you use Xfinity internet on the go with the Ipad?

  76. Van Says:

    I recently loaded 32 videos from a DVD for my 3-year old daughter. However when she gets to the video screen, she sees all 32 icons which look exactly the same. She can’t read yet. Is there anyway I can change the screen shots so she can differentiate the videos?

  77. Van Says:

    I recently loaded 32 videos from a DVD for my 3-year old daughter. However when she gets to the video screen, she sees all 32 icons which look exactly the same. She can’t read yet. Is there anyway I can change the screen shots so she can differentiate the videos?

    ** sorry for double posting. Realized a typo in my email.

  78. Sus Says:

    When I download photos to the iPad using the camera connection kit is there any way to name the file or keep them separate from the other photos?

  79. paul bernal Says:

    My ipad screen turned gray when i was surfing the internet. The web pages appear but when I tried to get into one, it doesn´t respond. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?

  80. Roxanne Says:

    Can I set up my new iPad using iTunes on my iPhone instead my PC (it is not working)? If so, what type of connector/cable do I need?

  81. bonerslap Says:

    Can I load chess programme Fritz12/ rybka on an Ipad? These programmes are sold on a CD rom.

  82. Todd Says:

    Can you connect the Apple iPad to the Mitsubishi with DVI (HDCP) inlet with the same short white cable that is used to connect the iPad to an InFocus Projector?

  83. rocco V Says:

    Can you upgrade the ipad 1 with the software of the ipad 2?

  84. Thomas Tobey Says:

    My iPad is frozen in the midst of a "page turn" while reading Steve's book! Everything works, but I can't go to the next page or do anything usle on the book site.

  85. Thomas Tobey Says:

    My iPad is frozen in the midst of a "page turn" while reading Steve's book! Everything else works

  86. Aileen Says:

    is it possible to connect to the internet with clearwire?

  87. JEFFRY Says:

    I’ve just been promoted to Level 6 in #MobsterWorld. Beat me in the game! http://t.co/MVXORXu7

  88. jaujau Says:


  89. ray Says:

    u stfu

  90. jaujau Says:

    who the hell are you!?

  91. kintail Says:

    is there an app that can be used to play video content as ipad do not allow Flash Player on their kit?

  92. Corky Bennett Says:

    How do you import MS word documents from a PC?

  93. Joan Buchanan Says:

    Why do e mails come onto my I pad twice and only once on the home computer? How can I change that? Thanks. Joan

  94. bruno Says:

    my keyboard as changed size, smaller and divided into 2 different sides? how do I can get back to the original Key board screen?

  95. Ralph sharp Says:

    Hi does it cost money to use face time both in this country and abroad ( Spain)

  96. BobH22 Says:

    iPad is a great tablet I can tell you that. But as a user, we need to find out if the apps are what we are looking for. Cheapest Tickets to India

  97. Barbie Says:

    Can you go off online from facebook from an IPad? not a chatting person

  98. Diane Says:

    I can"t download flash 9.0. On my IPad

  99. Jack Says:

    My display seems to be locked. How do I unlock it?

  100. Yoli S Says:

    I accidentally hit something and turned my iPad full keyboard into a split screen. How do I get it back?

  101. Xflier Says:

    Is there a way to delete other addresses on an email, clean it up, before you forward it. I asked the people in the store where I bought it and they had no clue. This is the first version, not the one that just came out.

  102. Mary Lou Says:

    I have a question….can I not download games on the IPad? I sit here at night and would like to play a game and I push all the right buttons and just when I think it is ready to play it goes back to the main screen with all my icons. Am I doing something wrong?

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