eBay’s iPad App: Highly Visual

By  |  Friday, April 2, 2010 at 6:00 am

eBay, which rolled out a couple of new iPhone apps earlier this week, plans to be on the iPad the moment it launches on Saturday. I haven’t even seen the eBay app on a simulated iPad yet, but folks from eBay showed me some images and explained the thinking behind the app. Rather than duplicating the iPhone version or bringing each and every feature from eBay.com, they decided to focus on making the iPad app the most visual incarnation of the service to date–one that feels like window shopping in the real world, and is optimized for browsing the service from the comfort of a sofa or easy chair.

So the classic eBay list of items is gone–you find stuff to buy or bid on via a gallery of images in which each picture is quite large, and you use your fingertip to scroll through a never-ending procesion of products–they’re not broken into multiple pages. When you find items you like, you can view pictures that fill the iPad screen.

Sounds like a logical approach to take–and I’m curious whether the iPad’s already-legendary zippiness makes trolling through eBay even more addictive. After the jump, a few screen shots of the app (in the form of a mini-slideshow–I’m experimenting with a new WordPress feature).

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