Fooled You! The Golden Age of Practical Jokes

Posted by  | Thursday, April 1, 2010

Johnson-Smith was remarkably up front about the goals of its products. It didn’t sell this stuff all in good fun. Its wares were meant for people who had victims, and who wished to cause them intense discomfiture. Like many of the items in the catalog, this one could be bought in bulk–the idea that anyone would order a hundred packets of itching powder at a time is scary in itself.

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    Practical jokes always work best when someone gets hurt. HeHeHe

  2. FB Says:

    I’m not sure that is a cig. I think it’s in her nose and it must be one of those glass bulb boogers. She ought to have seen this one coming…

  3. Savory Tv Says:

    Stellar post! Great finds with the vintage ads. I feel immature saying this, but the nose bubble is freaking hilarious. Cheers!

  4. treekeep Says:

    Wonderful fun for April 1 – the idea, the drawings and most of all the commentary.

  5. Dave Mackey Says:

    The Archie McPhee company seems to have taken up the spiritual mantle of Johnson Smith.

  6. thompson coupon code Says:

    hahaha you got me !