Fooled You! The Golden Age of Practical Jokes

Posted by  | Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Half a buck was a lot of money by 1950 novelty standards, but hey–this was a multi-function device.

Whatever became of Johnson-Smith? Actually, they’re still around, and still selling stuff by mail order. Practical jokes, sadly, seem to be a relatively minor part of their business. We like in an excessively sedate world.

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6 Comments For This Post


    Practical jokes always work best when someone gets hurt. HeHeHe

  2. FB Says:

    I’m not sure that is a cig. I think it’s in her nose and it must be one of those glass bulb boogers. She ought to have seen this one coming…

  3. Savory Tv Says:

    Stellar post! Great finds with the vintage ads. I feel immature saying this, but the nose bubble is freaking hilarious. Cheers!

  4. treekeep Says:

    Wonderful fun for April 1 – the idea, the drawings and most of all the commentary.

  5. Dave Mackey Says:

    The Archie McPhee company seems to have taken up the spiritual mantle of Johnson Smith.

  6. thompson coupon code Says:

    hahaha you got me !