Digging Deeper Within the New TiVo Premiere

By  |  Friday, March 26, 2010 at 11:37 am

While many have fixated on TiVo’s new sluggish, incomplete HD UI and possibly limited feature set, TiVo Community über contributor bkdtv (aka K. Fowler) has more quantitatively analyzed the TiVo Premiere’s beefy new hardware. In addition to running through the chips and specs, he’s also conducted a number of speed benchmarks under the “classic” UI.

Those of you not bit by the CCI byte (Cox Communications, Time Warner, and Brighthouse are offenders) might still have reason to consider a TiVo Premiere. As all data transfer speeds are significantly improved across the board. We’re talking 3x, 4x, 5x. Making HD multi-room viewing and TiVoToGo transfers much quicker than real time. Additionally, this speed boost will be felt and appreciated when downloading Amazon VOD content or uploading video to the Premiere. bkdtv has just started analyzing data transfer rates under the newer, processor intensive HD Flash-based UI. While he’s not ready to render a verdict, he’s seeing about a 25% reduction in those transfer speeds.

So, if you’re considering an upgrade or purchase, bkdtv’s more technical perspective is worth a read. Download a copy of the PDF below or click Fullscreen to start perusing.

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  1. Jens Says:

    Looks great. I think i will buy the tivo premiere soon – think there are just a few machines, that are like powerfull as the tivo.