AT&T’s Backflip: Fresh Out of the Android Oven–and Already Stale

By  |  Monday, March 8, 2010 at 3:55 pm

More Android fragmentation madness: If Motorola’s Verizon Droid is a loaf of day old bread, then its new AT&T Backflip sounds like it’s stale beyond all recognition.


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  1. NickAVV Says:

    Now hold on, I have my two cents to toss into all of this Android fragmentation business. I’m guessing that phones like the Motorola Droid feel like day-old bread to technology bloggers like you strictly because you’ve had the opportunity to get hands on with some newer Android devices. Myself, I recently upgraded from an ancient Motorola flip phone to an HTC Droid Eris on Friday, and even with its 500MHz processor and Android 1.5, it feels pretty damn fresh to me.

    I will agree that the Backflip looks like a travesty to the operating system though. :

  2. Paul Judd Says:

    I dunno. If I got a new computer today with Windows 2000 installed when all the other newer computers came with Windows 7, I would feel like I got stale bread.

  3. Zatz Says:

    Forgetting the software experience for a minute… This phone has a horrible physical design. Not well thought out. How do you put it in a case? Will the keyboard be all scratched up and gunked up from being exposed on the bottom?

  4. Larry Says:

    the Backflip is one of the best hardware designs i’ve used.

    It will only get better when 2.1 is released. This phone has taken so many hits. Just try using it for a week.

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