Real Loses RealDVD Case

By  |  Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm

RealDVD, the DVD-copying software which I reviewed and sort of liked during the five minutes in 2008 it was actually for sale, is dead. Real has settled with the Motion Picture Association of America and a permanent injunction bars it from ever selling the software again.

Bad news for Real, and equally bad news for consumers. Bad news for copyright laws that aren’t kind of a joke, too: Real tried to make Hollywood happy and its product was sued into extinction, but with Handbrake alive and well, bootleg movies are at least as commonplace as bootleg hooch during Prohibition…


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  1. Jason Buberel Says:

    Note: Handbrake is NOT equivalent to what RealDVD did. Handbrake does NOT remove DVD or BluRay encryption. You need unencrypted files in order to use Handbrake.

    This just means that you should head over to and pick up a copy of their AnyDVD software. It will remove the encryption from standard DVD and BluRay discs, allowing you to use Handbrake to encode the video.

  2. Backlin Says:

    There’s also a free piece of software out there that breaks DVD encryption. The answer is in that sentence, just think opposite of encryption 😉 .

  3. Paul Says:

    Handbrake will decode as long as you have VLC installed (not even running). They are just doing an end run for legal purposes, but in affect the main tool being used is handbrake.

  4. Stilgar Says:

    The faster Real goes out of business the happier I’ll be. In 1996 they were the uncontested leaders in streaming media. Then they decided on changing their free player into an ad delivery mechanism instead of staying on top of the game.