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Everyone knows OLED screens look amazing, right? Well, everybody is wrong, or at least that’s not the whole story. My old friend Dr. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate, who’s been testing screens of all types for years, compared the OLED display of Google’s Nexus One to the iPhone 3GS’s LCD screen, and found that while the Nexus One’s icons, text, and menus looked terrific, images suffered from artifacts, banding, and inaccurate colors. (It didn’t help that the Nexus One only does 16-bit color.)

Ray’s testing is so thorough that it’s a multi-part story; even if you’re ultimately happy trusting your own eyes to judge if you’re happy with a display, his examination of the two phones makes for fascinating reading.


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  1. IcyFog Says:

    Oh no … say it ain’t so … an Apple product is better in this category too? That’s hard to believe.

  2. Jared Earle Says:

    The fact it’s 16-bit is a red herring. For instance, the iPhone has just 18-bit colour. There’s more going on than meets the eye: don’t make any decisions solely on this report.