Redux and Boxee Make Hours of Uninterrupted Randomness

By  |  Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Could you sit on your couch and watch a steady stream of randomly-selected videos from YouTube and other sites? Redux hopes so, bringing its service to television through Boxee’s software for set-top boxes.

I hadn’t heard of Redux before its Boxee partnership was announced today, but it seems destined for the television. You set up an account and select from a list of interests, such as humor, art or video games, and Redux automatically creates a playlist, letting you sit back and watch without hunting for new clips. You can also follow like-minded people through the service — or sync with people you already follow on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace — to see what they’re watching.

It’s easy to see Redux’s disposable entertainment as something to play in the background at a party or after stumbling back from the bar — things like the Toronto Raptors’ mascot swallowing a cheerleader, a random fight on a bus, or an epic steel drum solo. At a computer I wouldn’t necessarily need these videos chosen for me, but from the couch it could be fun to turn on Redux and let the user-made content come to you.

There are some things I wish were different about the service. I personally don’t like the user comments that pop up when watching a popular video, so it’d be great if you could toggle them off. And because I don’t have a set-top that supports Boxee, I’d like to see Redux on other set-tops, Blu-ray players, game consoles or televisions. I’m told both of those gripes will be addressed in the future.

Redux, however, doesn’t plan to add premium content, which is a shame. I can understand that the service is all about people sharing videos made by other people, but I’d love to see Redux apply its brand of serendipity to TV shows and movies. There’s only so much user-made content I can take now matter how it’s delivered.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Andrew Kippen Says:

    Jared – you bring up a good point of having Redux start branding content just like the guys at College Humor… Andy, David, Frank, Chris, and the rest of team Redux… it’s time to come out from behind the computer screen : )

    Andrew from Boxee

  2. Andy Says:

    Hey Jared,

    Thanks for the feedback on the honeymoon of our burgeoning affair with Boxee, specifically your thoughtful remarks about our goal of providing serendipitous content discovery from the comfort of your couch. While disposable lulz are indeed a core competency of the service, there are tons of great channels that provide very substantive viewing material for you to enjoy if you’re looking for more to chew on, all available from the nav menu. Also, premium content is a natural progression for this project, so look out for those additions in the near future.

    We’re really excited to bring the Redux experience to other platforms and hardware, starting with Boxee. If you have any particular platforms you’d like to see Redux on, let us know so we can get moving on it. Pretty much everything we do here is inspired and guided by user feedback, so let me know what we can do for you and we’ll certainly give it our best.

    Thanks again for the great insights, and you or anyone else can always feel free to hit me up directly at andy (at) redux (dot) com.


    Redux Support / Community Guy