We’re All Google Buzz Virgins Right Now

By  |  Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 7:02 pm

What’s the most common first tweet that Twitter newbies make? That’s easy: “Trying out Twitter” and variants thereof. Nearly everybody who joins the service starts out in a mode that’s experimental, confused, and–for the rest of us–tedious. Which is okay, because on any given day, only a small percentage of tweets come from beginners.

Of course, there was a time when every Twitter user was a new Twitter user, but it was long before most of us had heard of the service. In fact, at the time it wasn’t even Twitter–it was Twttr.

Google Buzz, however, is different. Google could have launched it as a closed beta a la Google Wave or Google Voice, Instead,  the company decided to skip tryouts and go straight to Broadway, by opening the service up to every Gmail user over the next few few days. To a degree that’s really unusual in the history of the Web, Buzz will be chockablock with millions of confused newcomers all at once. Expect “trying out Buzz” and similar sentiments to be the primary form of Buzzing at first.

I still have access to Buzz only on my iPhone, not via Gmail. I’m only following a few people, and the majority of them haven’t buzzed at all yet. So almost all the buzzes I’ve read so far have been on the Web version’s “Nearby” tab, which simply uses your coordinates to show you updates from people in your general vicinity. A few of them are saying things that are at least vaguely interesting–or, at least, are alerting us to their eating activities. But yup, buzzing at the moment seems to mostly be about Buzz.

(Side note: Yes, that’s my iPhone–most people aren’t aware that the “S” in iPhone 3GS stands for “Short.” I special-ordered an iPhone 3GL…)

Wonder how long it’ll be until enough Buzz users have the knack of the thing that reading it can be as enjoyable a way to waste spend time as perusing Twitter?


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  1. Andre Says:

    Long iPhone is looooooooooooooooooooong.

  2. n8white Says:

    Any luck posting images yet from the iPhone 3GL? I don’t have access on gmail through a browser either. but i do have access through my iPhone 3GS.


  3. Ziyad Dadabhoy Says:

    This is where Buzz is going to mess up at first. If you have it you can follow anyone you want, even if they aren’t on Buzz. Also people on the iPhone already can Buzz even though their gmail hasn’t recieved it yet. Google needed to make an official app that made you sign in and checked if you were a part of Buzz yet and then let you.

  4. Stefan Gunnersen Says:

    Good one about the long iPhone 🙂 If people buy into it, you must be having stomach ache from laughing by now 😀

  5. Ben Norman Says:

    Buzz certainly has a few things going for it over Twitter but I’d be amazed if Google manages to unseat them. Most of my friends don’t even have a Gmail account, its actually really annoying as both Wave and Buzz seem like such good products, I just wish more people I wanted to stay connected with used them!

  6. Tech Says:

    It will take a while to catch on.

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