Judge Nixes Windows Genuine Advantage Class-Action Suit

By  |  Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 5:52 pm

As Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer has reported, a U.S. District Judge has eliminated the possibility that Microsoft might be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars of damages in class-action suits over its Windows Genuine Advantage copy protection and the method by which it was pushed onto XP machines back in 2006. I’m neither a lawyer nor a instinctive fan of class-action cases, so I’m okay with the news. (But I will say that there was a lengthy period during which WGA and Microsoft’s implementation thereof was an unreliable, vaguely insulting instrument that Microsoft willingly used against paying customers. The current version both works better and involves fewer instances in which people who pay for their software are forced to jump through hoops.)

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  1. Ticked Off Says:

    I guess you have never experienced this garbage. Here is what happened…

    * Bought a laptop
    * Microsoft verified that it was genuine
    * Used it for 11 months
    * All of a sudden Microsoft says it is NOT genuine
    * Microsoft wants me to pay $200 for something I already bought and they said was genuine!

    I too am not a fan of class actions, but if I find an active one on this… I will join!!!