The Top (Pantless) Ads of Super Bowl 44

By  |  Monday, February 8, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Fortunately, I don’t need to come up with the perfect “Ads of Super Bowl 44” lede as NewTeeVee pretty much nailed it: Beer solves lots of problems, women hold men back from their dreams and this year, pants are optional. But I can’t say there are any commercials we’ll remember beyond this week. My personal fave was the Kia ad (above) – fun, engaging, not crass, and it made me think about their product. (What does Go Daddy do again?) Speaking of crass, the most entertaining pantless commercial didn’t even make it on the air. And I’m bummed Denny’s Nannerpus nemesis has been replaced by chickens.

In what’s become an annual tradition, TiVo determined the top ads of Super Bowl 44 “using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data about how 30,000 TiVo subscribers watched the game, and for the first time, determined not just the most viewed commercials, but instead the most engaging ads throughout the game.”

1. Doritos – “House Rules”
2. Snickers – “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”
3. Focus on the Family – “The Tebows Celebrate Life”
4. Doritos – “Underdog”
5. 2010 Intel Core Processors – “Jeoffrey the Robot Gets Hurt”
6. E*Trade Financial – “Baby Love Triangle”
7. Bud Light – “Observatory”
8. CareerBuilder – “Casual Fridays”
9. TruTV’s NFL Full Contact – “ Punxsutawney Polamalu”
10. Hyundai Sonata – “Brett Favre MVP, Still Playing at 50”

If you missed any of the commercials, or just want to catch them again, hit Hulu, CBS, or YouTube. What were your favorites?

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  1. Steven Rossi Says:

    I noticed the pantsless theme and thought that was sorta odd. Oh well. I thought the Doritos one with the kid was pretty dang funny, and I’d have to put the human bridge and Favre at 50 as 2 and 3. I liked the Google one, too, but not because it was funny. Can’t say it was my favorite set of Superbowl commercials, but I guess there were still a bunch of good ones.

  2. L1A Says:

    meh, i thought they were horrible. only ones i liked was the letterman, oprah, leno and the 2 coke commercials.

  3. Amber Thompson Says:

    The Focus on the Family ad was unconscionable. The part they left out was the fact, she didn’t choose to keep him, she was given a choice by the Philippine government. They forgot to mention, she was in the Philippines when that happened. Where abortion was illegal, she would have been facing jail if she had done so, she had no choice!!!

    Focus on the Family is known to lie to promote their anti-abortion, anti-gay messages.

  4. Amber Thompson Says:

    Sorry, no choice.

  5. Backlin Says:

    My favorites and their reasons why, in order:

    1. Seeing Betty White talk smack is pure win.
    2. The TDI commercial was hilarious, and appeals to all audiences (satire to those who didn’t take is seriously (like me) and the perfect world to those who do)
    3. That Google commercial was pretty cool. It suggested what happened without being blatantly obvious.

  6. Bernard Says:

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