Am I the Only One Who Likes My Facebook Inbox the Way It Is?

By  |  Friday, February 5, 2010 at 5:09 pm

Over at TechCrunch, Michael Arrington is reporting that a source has told him that Facebook is working on a full-blown e-mail service. It’s supposedly known internally as Project Titan, or “Gmail Killer.”

The only details Arrington mentions are that the new version is said to offer POP3/IMAP access (so you can get into your Facebook messages from anywhere) and that your e-mail address will be in the format [email protected].

Sounds good–but one of the things I like about my Facebook inbox is that it’s a spam-free island unto itself, populated only by people who I’ve granted permission to contact me. Whatever Project Titan is, I hope it doesn’t turn Facebook messaging into…well, e-mail as we know it.



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  1. MacSmiley Says:

    I agree. However…

    To me, this is not about [email protected]. It’s about Facebook delving even further into the private lives of NON-MEMBERS!!

  2. Another Day On Facebook Says:

    I think the name, Gmail Killer, is very appropriate. I think the moment Facebook unleashes this beast Gmail will have a run for it’s money

  3. Bouke Timbermont Says:

    @another day:
    I don’t think so: most Gmail users like the very advanced features (compared to other web mail services) Gmail has to offer (I know I do: labels, filters, skins, threads, auto-forwarding, offline access, auto-reply and all the treats google labs have to offer), while the facebook inbox as it is doesn’t really offer a very user-friendly interface or any powerfull features.

    Unless facebook totally changes the way it handles it inbox, I don’t think Gmail has anything to fear.