Yup, Apple is Holding an Event on January 27th. Join Us There!

By  |  Monday, January 18, 2010 at 9:47 am

If the rumor that Apple was holding a press event on January 27th had turned out to be false, we would have had to reassess everything we think we sort of know about its tablet device. But the event is on, as confirmed by the invitation that went out this morning to members of the media.

Of course, the invitation doesn’t say what the creation in question is–Apple’s invites never get too specific. On the other hand, they’re never deceptive, either. And the fact that this one refers to a single creation and doesn’t even hint at a focus such as music may be evidence that this is, indeed, the tablet. Or at least it’s not evidence that it isn’t the tablet. (How’s that for brilliant tea-leaf reading?)

One way or another, all will be known next week. I’ll be sitting in the audience at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and as usual, I’ll share everything I learn just as fast as I learn it. Please join me a week from Wednesday at 10am for our live coverage. Barring unforeseen circumstances–the new creation isn’t an exciting new iPod sock, is it?–this promises to be a lot of fun.



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  1. heulenwolf Says:

    Since they’re not saying its not what we all think it is, then it must be something someone has speculated it will be. Is that the reasoning ;? Since folks have been publishing every Apple rumor they’ve been holding onto since the iPhone announcement, that reasoning narrows it down to almost anything. Well played, Apple, as usual.

    The modern art theme of the invitation begs the question of whether its going to be a mind-blowing, perspective morphing, why-didn’t-anyone-else-think-of-that-before, kinda product, like we all hope, or a gloriously pointless product, unsupportable outside of a devoted niche, which will inspire pundits to argue over what Apple must have been thinking, and which Steve will eventually claim is really just a hobby – like I fear.

  2. Paul Judd Says:

    Since they’re not saying its not what we all think it is, then it must be something someone has speculated it will be. Is that the reasoning ;?

    No, we cannot infer that at all. It could be anything.

  3. heulenwolf Says:

    I guess I need a better sarcmark 😉

  4. Paul Judd Says:

    I guess I need a better sarcmark 😉

    Perhaps. I could use one that doesn’t cost 2 bucks though 🙂

  5. IcyFog Says:


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