Should Google Get Into the Phone Biz?

By  |  Monday, January 4, 2010 at 9:20 pm

This seems to be the last evening we can ruminate on Google’s Nexus One phone without knowing everything there is to know about it. So I asked my Twitter pals “Do you think Google should get into the phone biz? Why or why not?” Read their thoughts, then add your own–and please join me tomrorow at 10am PT for live coverage of Google’s phone event.


nope. Google should stick with what it knows, software. Hardware is a whole other biz.



I don't think Google really wants in to phone biz. GOOG just wants to produce Android phone that sets high std for partners.



And I think MS should have done the same long ago. HTC does better with a spec than on their own, ya know?



No, Apple wants hardware profit, Google wants eyeball profit. They want every phone, and make OS just to hedge lockout.



While I would love to see more competition, Google isn't the right company for the job. Let's see a Coby phone already! =)



It's all about portable Internet now, being able to talk over it is just a bonus. That's right in Googles wheelhouse.



Heavens no. We're tired of seeing their corporate logo feces everywhere. G$ was M$ for the 2000's and becoming passe



Google shld - jst long enuf 2 allow phone dsgrs to target end usr rather than restrictive carrier rqsts. result =Innovation



GOOG doesn't need to be in the phone business unless it has a telco business, which is something it needs to do.



yes, when google does something, they do it well (usually); and, more competition typically yields better products/services



GOOG should NOT get into the phone biz... They have zero experience at customer service. (promoting Android is OK, tho)



It's the fastest way to customize their platform (Android) into a mobile-ad ecosystem. No one else will do that for them.



Google is the opposite of a hardware company. And isn't the cell phone market crowded enough already? I'm underwhelmed...



If Google can make the phone biz as efficient and productive as most of their services, I say yes.



Telecom companies need to be shaken up to produce fairer and better products to consumers and Google can do that



Re: google in phone biz. well, maybe a simplistic answer, but, why not? competition is good!



If you think of it as the 'mobility biz,' definitely. All signs point to the future being ubiquitous and mobile.


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  1. Robert Mullins Says:

    What will be interesting is if Google can break the subsidized business model of the U.S. carriers by selling a Nexus for $529 when the consumer can get it from T-Mobile or a virtually identical HTC Hero from Sprint for under $200. Will freedom from a two-year carrier contract be worth swallowing that big hardware bill upfront? We’ll see.

  2. tom b Says:

    Nobody should get into the phone biz. If you can extend the range of Wifi, the phone biz could simply disappear, with Skype and all to fill the gap. Then we could just lock the Verizon and ATT spokesdudes in a room and let them duke it out over who’s got the mariginally cr*ppier network without the rest of us having to listen.

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