Operation Chokehold: All Hype, No Bite

By  |  Friday, December 18, 2009 at 3:57 pm

What, you expected AT&T’s network to come to its knees? In what could probably be called the most foregone conclusion in the world of technology in quite some time, AT&T’s network withstood the assault of what probably was not more than a handful of users taking a piece of satire way too far. I checked my phone here in Reading, Pa. and didn’t really notice much of anything other than the typical peak-hour slowness. Others across the country reported similar results, according to the Facebook group.

Of course AT&T is not going to feed the troll: the company’s response was that there was “no impact” on service as a result of this. Reading the Facebook page is somewhat amusing, too. A lot of folks there seem to be determined to make some impact — in fact one is already recommending Round 2. Good lord.

As for Lyons, what does he have to say about this (edited for a family site, here’s the full post):

“I shall never speak of this again. Nor should you. Peace be upon you.”

Thank god.


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  1. BD Says:

    All the major players have peering agreements in place to address the odd network outage, emergency, or random mass protest.


    So, Ma Bell probably called in a few favors in the bigger metros, where concentrations of irate iPhoners was higher.

    But more importantly, NOBODY should’ve been actively wanting “the network to crash”, outside of crazed anarchists and the Tyler Durdens of the world.

    The real story is that attention was riveted on a company whose CEO was trying to justify hiking smartphone users’ rates, and yet today insists that there was “no impact”.

    That’s the Ma Bell I know: always able to talk out of both sides of its rear end. And they don’t just do that to iPhone users: broadband delivery, network neutrality, you name it, Ma Bell has been lying to us for a generation.

  2. DZ Says:

    Satire is supposed to be funny, right?

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