McDonald’s to Offer Free Wi-Fi By January

By  |  Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 2:00 pm

Soon the Golden Arches will become the spot to go if you wanna grab a bite to eat and check your e-mail for free: McDonald’s plans to drop its free for using Wi-Fi in 11,000 of its 14,000 US locations. Previously, two hours of access set the customer back $2.95.

I gotta say it: I’m loving it.

The change is part of an effort to continue drawing in a wider customer base. Part of it could have to do with its efforts in gourmet coffee — the McCafe offering has more than doubled sales of coffee and now is five percent of its overall sales.

Free Wi-Fi is something that can be found in many local coffeeshops, and certainly the two have almost become synonymous with one another. Starbucks charges a fee for access, but is one of the few that still do.

As McDonald’s remakes itself into more of a destination rather than a quick stop for a bite to eat, company officials say they don’t mind adding services that keep customers in stores longer. There will be no time limits on wireless access, the company said.

Both Starbucks and McDonald’s partner with AT&T to run their Wi-Fi offerings.



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  1. Avro Says:

    We have had free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s in England for a couple of years.

    Glad to hear the Yanks are finally catching up!! :-))

  2. kentkb Says:

    Do you know you use the word “free” for “Fee” in this post, just sayin’

  3. Rev Says:

    That’s pretty cool that they now finally give out free WiFi. I recently bought a Zune and found they already offered those free Wifi to download and/or stream music, nice!

    Of course, hanging out at most McDonald’s around here is like hanging out in a fancy, tiled public bathroom. The newest locations are a little better, but most were set up for drive-thru, not hanging out. I don’t think the coffee shops have anything to fear.

    BTW, technically Starbucks ‘charges’ for access, but really, it’s free. As long as you buy something at Starbucks once a month using their card (which is free), you get two hours a day free WiFi through ATT.

  4. tom b Says:

    It ought to be very convenient for the stereotyped computer geek nerds, who already subsist on McFries and McMilkshakes. And if the server– not to be confused with the waitress– goes down, there’ll be “a doctor in the house”.

  5. cindrella watson Says:

    Are you kidding me? This is just another ploy by McDonalds to get customers to stay longer. Don’t let them kill our children! It’s time to start slimming

    down America – take care of your families and YOURSELF! Here’s a great link to help you gets started. Free

    WIFI is everywhere – don’t support this KILLER corporation.

  6. cindrella watson Says:

    Cheap food? Late hours? Locations EVERYWHERE? And now free WIFI? What’s next – free health clinics? Free insulin? Free Lipitor? Common McDonalds – BE RESPONSIBLE!