Microsoft Should Continue Windows 7 Family Pack Licensing

By  |  Friday, December 4, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Microsoft has been offering family packs of Windows 7 to customers for a discounted price–while supplies last. It would behoove it to make the family packs a permanent offering.

CNET’s Ina Fried is reporting that the packs have nearly sold out. The packs sell for $149.99, which is a bargain considering that three stand-alone copies of 7 Home Premium list for $359.97.

There are two good reasons why Microsoft should make the family packs permanent: Its Windows licensing revenue is suffering, and Apple has long offered them for OS X. (A Snow Leopard 5-pack sells for $49.99.)

While Windows 7 has boosted Microsoft’s license revenues, netbooks have begun to chip away at the Windows cash cow.¬†Windows 7 has proven popular with early adopters, and anything that Microsoft could do to get more customers to upgrade is a good thing.


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  1. Andrew F Says:

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard *Family Pack* retails on Apple’s website for $49.00. Not sure what the $249.00 price tag gets you… Maybe 5 separate copies of the family pack..?

  2. GR Says:

    A Snow Leopard 5 Pack is $49.00 and *not* $249 as you stated.

    Also, you mistakenly linked to a 5 pack of *Leopard (10.5)* which is no longer for sale from Apple and is being sold at a high premium for those who still want to upgrade PowerPC machines.

    Windows 7 is an even worse deal than you thought at 3x the price of an OS X family pack.

  3. Harry McCracken Says:

    Right you are, and the errors weren’t Dave’s–they were his editor’s fault. Namely me.


  4. Dave Barnes Says:

    From Amazon
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard Family Pack (5-User) for $42.99 AND free shipping.

  5. L1A Says:

    You don’t need to buy Apple’s Family Pack. Regular copy of OS X is all you need for your household.

  6. Dave Barnes Says:


    You are correctly technically.
    But, I felt that paying $12/machine for Snow Leopard was a very good deal and spent the money on the Family Pack.

    And, while I have upgraded to Fusion 3 ($32 USD), I have not upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 as $100+ is way too much money just to run IE7 and IE8 to check websites’ behaviors in MS browsers.

  7. Dave Barnes Says:

    Microsoft kills $150 Windows 7 Family Pack deal

  8. David Says:

    I was going to upgrade the 3 family PCs in the house over the Christmas holidays. Couldn’t get the family pack so didn’t do the upgrade. 3 PCs that won’t be running windows 7. OS upgrade won’t come until hardware upgrade (in about a year), and I’ll look at Mac and Chrome then.

  9. robsoles Says:


    Ubuntu Lucid Linux should not be overlooked in your considerations, talk about free-loving-people!

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