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By  |  Friday, December 4, 2009 at 12:04 am

Twitter launched a new version of its mobile site today at mobile.twitter.com, optimized for WebKit browsers such as those on the iPhone, and Palm WebOS devices, Android, and Nokia S60 phones. And it’s not just better than the old one (which lives on at m.twitter.com) but radically better, with an interface that nicely downscales to phone size while retaining Twitter’s personality and even offering the new, official Retweet feature (but not lists as of yet). I like how much it feels like full-strength Twitter in a more compact form–if Twitter were a Whopper, this would be a Slider.

When I tweet from my phone, I do so using Tweetie, the extraordinary piece of software that’s not only the best Twitter client for the iPhone but one of the best applications of any sort I’ve ever used on any platform, period. ¬†(Tweetie author Loren Brichter is in my personal pantheon of interface geniuses.) But if I had a phone without a great Twitter client–and I haven’t found an Android one I like a tenth as much as Tweetie–I’d be all over the new mobile Web version.

Here’s Twitter’s blog post about the new version. And here’s (mostly favorable) chatter about it on Twitter.

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  1. DZ Says:

    I agree with your Tweetie 2 assessment up until the latest release. The double user name and little red icon in tweet’s upper right for “official” retweets is jarring. We need to rethink that. Otherwise, a super speed app with great UI. I not try to update my email by pulling down. Maybe this deserves a post. Hm.