Worst PC in America: The Deadline Approacheth

By  |  Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 9:29 am

Bad PCA little over fifty-five hours remain until we close our contest to find the Worst PC in America and declare a winner–who will receive HP’s slick Envy 13 laptop.We’ve received some great entries–and by “great,” I mean that some of them are gut-wrenching–but I’m positive there are technohorrors hidden at the back of closets out there yet to be discovered. You’ve got until 5pm PDT on Friday to reveal all.

You can check out the entries so far (plus some discussion of ’em) here. And here’s information on how to enter your own machine. Please do–and tell your friends. This may be the first and last time in recorded history that owning a mind-bendingly crummy computer has its advantages…

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