Tell Us About Your Bad PC, Win a New Laptop

By  |  Monday, October 12, 2009 at 9:33 am

The Worst PC in AmericaOur search for the single most embarrassingly lousy computer in our great nation continues! We’ve received some great nominees so far, which you can check out here. But I’m hoping that more of you will fess up to owning truly crummy machines, especially since we’ll pick one person who enters the contest to win a slick new HP Envy 13 laptop, courtesy of HP.

The contest continues until this Friday, October  16th at 5pm PDT. Here are the official rules and details on entering. Tell your friends–especially the ones who still have terrible old computers lurking in their closets…


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  1. L1A Says:

    I wish I could, but I never owned one outside of Apple. I guess i could say my iBook G3 web experience sucks, but that has nothing to do with it being bad.

  2. Helen Luna Says:

    I live in a rough spot…….that is what I am sure my computer would say.
    I humbly submit my offereing of why I need a new cmoputer and why my old one is so awfu now. enjoy my true story in the works of my computer Acer….

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Heck my owner is a realto and You must know wha thtey say about them…the hardest workig letter in the world….R…and I have to get pushed around by her every day. it is a roguh life for me and you do not know the half of it!
    Let me tell you….sit a bit and let me talk story.
    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is hot, humid and often there is little breeze to cool me insides down. I am Acer and I am sure I am being abused; I am sure I will always work harder that my own assemply-line mates ever will. Heck, most my mates ended up with owners who are not abusive, and who reside near to pleasant and plain vanilla cool tempered Silicon Valley or in cool and inviting England., or in the south of France or South Carolina or even Texas , Those lucky ones ey will never have to face the rigors I do ……on a daily basis.

    Aside from hot and muggy times, there are the bugs. Those critters love to rest and diswcuss the daily grinds on top of my closed top door, and really the after affects are not pretty. My owner has to wiped me down about every week, just to feel peace of mind.
    And before I realized our relationship has changed, she does not love me any more, she was sneeking around to other places without me, I used ot think she liked my “no nonsense” looks and lack of well-known labeling no logos on my hard body. But Now I know she was coveting a different colored skin and she says I am too heavy and she wants a computer with a slimmer body, But, geeze it really upset me when I realized she liked the big players. like HP. She smiled a lot when she sat me know beside her pals HP….She admired that rough and tumble design…which clearly left me in the dust.

    And then as our relationship soured more (you get the feeling the love is dead between us?) she admitted that the way my key faces have been exposed and my numbers are no longer bright and attractive, she can no longer enjoy stroking me the way she used to. She says that the way I appear today, just does not work for her any more.

    I told her that inspite of all those superficial things, I was good inside and I tried to enumerate my specs with pride. SHe laughed and said…”Hwy, listen Acer, you are not even close to the output of those young models and I can no longer spend time waiting for you to perform.”

    This was the colders remark yet; she said it was over, when I went did and did not perform for her. It happened, when she could not find an electic outlet in the HOnolulu Airport.. and I has no energy and was totally useless to her..

    ..My owner went cold and she told me she is ready to trade me in on a new HP model

    So now I know it is true…I am knocked out.

    I am her


    hope you enjoyed my little story, Talking story in Hawaii is the best way to get our point across. I am finding my old computer is dragging me down and HECK, YES I would love to have an HP to start a new fling and I welcome the chance for that long term relationship to blossom into full on love.

    Plese send me a new HP….here in Hsawaii…we are truly deprived and mostly must depend on Walmart or Dell to get us into the 21st Century with their offerings of computing solutions.

    thanks for playing along…aloha!!

  3. Farm Tractors Says:

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