A Guide to Laptop Accessories, and the Avoidance Thereof

By  |  Monday, September 21, 2009 at 7:08 am

WePCI’ve guestblogged again over at WePC.com–my latest topic is notebook accessories and my preference for traveling light. I try not to carry many of ’em and have a preference for ones that are easy to tote. I also admire the thinking behind such innovations as Compaq’s built-in AC adapter, HP’s built-in mouse, and Canon’s built-in printer, even though the later two were a tad odd and none appeared to be successful.

Check out the post for more thoughts–while you’re there, leave a comment with your thoughts on notebook accessories, and check out the WePC contest. They’re giving away a bunch of gaming PCs, notebooks, and netbooks.


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  1. Austin Bankruptcy Lawyer Says:

    I certainly agree that it’s best to travel light when it comes to laptops. In fact, most of the time I refrain from using any accessories at all.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I needed a riser for my Macbook and found a product called Laptop Smart Feet from http://www.newpcgadgets.com. I really like the product because it is easy to take off and put on. It also has a clever cable organizer built into each leg.