A Cool Mac. But Not a First

By  |  Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Star Trek MacThe auction house that’s planning to sell a Mac presented to Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry by Apple has changed their minds and now says it’s not a Mac Plus, let alone the first Mac Plus. Instead, they’ve decided that it’s an original Mac 128K that was later upgraded, and that its F4200NUM0001 serial number doesn’t mean anything in particular.

I shoulda figured out something was amiss on my own, given that every Mac Plus I’ve ever seen had a Macintosh Plus label on its front and a numeric keypad on its keyboard. Roddenberry’s didn’t, marking it as an earlier model.

Oddly enough, the auctioneers still say that the Mac is worth $800-$1200 even though they’ve realized it’s not quite as historic as they’d thought…


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