Sonos Does Twitter

By  |  Friday, September 4, 2009 at 2:34 pm

The Twitter Everywhere meme is popular this week, and Sonos joins in by announcing (via Twitter) that soon owners of the multi-room music streaming experience will be able to tweet from their Sonos controllers. The new feature empowers listeners to share artist tracks with one click, or edit automated tweets before publishing.

I love this experimentation phase for Twitter. I don’t know that I have any interest in regularly tweeting my musical tastes, or in accessing Twitter from devices that don’t give me the full conversational experience. However, the idea of using Twitter in broadcast-only or receive-only mode is certainly gaining traction. Like PiMPY, the tweeting washing machine, it suggests new possibilities for both lifecasting and automated data collection.

With regard to Sonos specifically, my guess is that the company’s customer base is music-obsessed and sophisticated enough to make the new Twitter function appealing. The application will work from both the new Sonos Controller hardware and and their iPhone app later this year.

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  1. Backlin Says:

    Looks like there’s integration also. Awesome!

  2. Dale Larson Says:

    I’m about to start putting up a series of blog posts about what I’ve been learning in revamping how we listen to music at Shangri-Loft. Among other projects, I’ve been installing a Sonos over the last week and getting our music library ripped to a network attached drive. I LOVE using their controller to build playlists and access Internet streaming music. As I (re-)discover so much music really wanted to share out to my friends, too — exactly a problem I’d been working on for iPhone already.

    It’s a shame that the new is confined to music I’m listening to via iTunes on my iPhone or iPod Touch, but it really made me want this on Sonos where I’m now focusing my listening, so I’m glad it is coming! (Disclosure: I’m an advisor to the SF App Studio who publish Mobile Music Messenger).

    So is the Apple announcement going to include iTunes ability to share music out to friends via Twitter and Facebook? Probably. The more we’re discovering, buying and listening to music electronically, the more important it is that we can share that music online, replacing what we used to do by browsing a friend’s record shelves, listening to radio, making mix tapes, etc. Music is MEANT to be shared!