Windows 7 House Parties = Astroturfing

By  |  Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 8:32 pm

People are not lining up outside of storefronts at midnight to buy Windows anymore, but that won’t stop Microsoft from creating the impression that the masses are fawning over Windows 7. The company is asking people to host house parties when the OS launches on Oct. 22. The Potemkin village has become the Potemkin house party.

Microsoft has adopted a PR technique that many large corporations and interests groups use to advance their positions in the absence of any significant public support: astroturfing. Astroturfing is a PR technique that is used to manufacture the impression of grassroots behavior. There are many examples of it being utilized to affect public policy.

Taking a handful of launch parties, and making it seem as if they are a widespread phenomenon would be astroturfing. I would not be surprised if that is what Microsoft has in mind. Many reporters will fall for it.



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  1. Jose Alvear Says:

    I wonder if Microsoft will pay people to host Windows 7 parties. Or at least offer free copies fir those that do host. Or discounts.

  2. Ed Oswald Says:

    haha if that was the case, then everybody would be doing it. Personally I’m hoping for my free press copy 😉

  3. Ken Says:

    Have you read the legal agreement for this thing. Hold harmless anyone associated (including, without limitation, Losses from BODILY INJURY, ILLNESS OR DEATH)

  4. tom b Says:

    Experience the “Wow”. The “Wow” being a major multinational corporation selling a non-UNIX OS to gullible IT cultists in 2009…..

  5. NanoGeek Says:


    I believe that that is normal for license agreements. I also must warn you that you SHOULD NOT use iTunes to manage your nuclear reactor or power air traffic control. 🙂

  6. axor337 Says:

    I signed up and won I am hosting one and getting a free copy of ultimate suckers.

  7. Ellie Hughes Says:

    i really love to attend in parties because it is fun an you met a lot of new friends..-“