Nokia Steps Back, Delays Music Service in U.S.

By  |  Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 11:00 am

Nokia_Comes_With_Music_Nokia5310-XpressMusic_1_lowresWith its “Comes With Music” music service getting a not-so-hot reception in the countries where it has already been launched, Nokia has decided to delay the launch of the product here in the US until at least 2010. Previously it had indicated it was on track for a launch sometime this year.

While the service seems to be doing decently in the developing markets it’s been introduced in, it’s underperformed everywhere else.

Obviously, the elephant in the room–iTunes–has a lot to do with Nokia’s woes. There’s also a good chance that many potential smartphone buyers just don’t associate Nokia with music.

It’s kind of a shame considering that Nokia’s strategy to attract customers is somewhat different. Essentially, for about 12-18 months after purchasing the handset you can download as much music as you want at no extra charge (thus the offering’s name).

A delay is really not that bad when you think about it. It’s important that Nokia sells the service effectively, especially considering the downloaded music is copy protected. Also, it needs a carrier to subsidize the cost of the device, since it’s pricey when purchased in unlocked form.


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Marc Says:

    If it’s anything like the Nokia Ovi Store then it’s doomed. The Ovi Store is nearly impossible to sign up to on a mobile. I am a computer programmer, yet it still had be nearly throwing the damn thing on the floor with frustration. A ‘capture’ with a short time-out, and a fullscreen keyboard is hardly easy to use.

    Gone are the days when I used to see Nokia as the Apple of the phone industry. Their interfaces are now ugly and their phones are slow. I’d rather use Windows Mobile!

  2. hendra lie Says:

    Don’t blame Nokia for this, i sure Nokia will fight back to gain their mobile phone market. Now Nokia perhaps will launch new strategy to increase their service with music or others, despite maybe Nokia can’t reach their top success as few years ago.