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By  |  Friday, August 28, 2009 at 9:03 am

Apple TabletA couple of weeks ago, a “photo” of a tablet apparently running full-blown OS X rather than iPhone OS hit the Web. Now Gizmodo is quoting a supposedly reliable source as saying a Mac Tablet was spotted in a factory in China:

This source claims that the two touchscreen prototypes—made of aluminum, but on the shape of big iPhones—were in a factory in Shenzuen, China. One of them “was running Mac OS X 10.5.” When I asked, the source didn’t know if these were built for demonstration purposes, or if they were preproduction units. The company has a tight relation with Apple but “it’s not FoxConn.”

We’re still far, far from having compelling evidence that Apple will ever ship a Mac tablet–it’s still much more of an imaginary product than the giant iPod Touch tablet, and that remains a fuzzy rumor. But if Apple ever does sell a Mac in tablet form, I’ll be curious to see how it deals with the whole question of QWERTY input. I’ve never seen a computer running a traditional computer OS that’s figured out how to dispense with plastic keys…

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  1. John Baxter Says:

    The image with this story is the best Apple Tablet image yet.