5 Reasons to Buy the Xbox 360 Pro, Not the Elite

By  |  Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 10:30 am

xbox360eliteAs expected, Microsoft finally revealed that it will cut the price of the Xbox 360 Elite tomorrow from $400 to $300.

And as expected, the mid-range Xbox 360 Pro will be discontinued, but it will be sold for just $250 while supplies last. If you have any desire to buy Microsoft’s game console, you should jump on that deal right now. Don’t even think about buying the Elite instead. Here’s why:

The Pro includes an HD cable: In announcing the Elite’s price cut, Microsoft conveniently forgot to mention that it also scratched high definition cables from the package (you can see the omission in official photos). While the Elite used to include an HDMI cable, and the Pro included Component HD cables, the new Elite comes with AV cables only.

The Pro might score you a free controller: Engadget reportedly spotted a Target ad for Sunday, August 30, that says you get a free Xbox 360 controller when you purchase the Pro model. That’s a $50 value, and you’ll definitely want two controllers unless you only play video games alone. I’d wait for the weekend to see if this get confirmed, though.

You don’t need the Elite’s 120 GB hard drive: The console’s streaming media capabilities (through a networked PC, or through Netflix) practically eliminate the need to store music and movies on the hard drive. That leaves saved game files, which are quite small, and downloaded games. The largest Xbox Live Arcade download to date, Shadow Complex, is 835 MB, so you’re unlikely to fill a 60 GB hard drive any time soon. I have the old 20 GB Xbox 360, and I’ve filled about half of it.

Black is so Sony: Your preference may vary, but I think the Elite’s black casing is a little too hardcore, especially for a console that’ll soon be trying to reach out to the casual crowd. I don’t hear anything about Microsoft offering a white Xbox 360 Elite, which means the white casing is only available in the nearly-useless Xbox 360 Arcade.

You need the extra money for games: If you take the $300 Xbox 360 Elite, throw in a component cable ($40) and a wireless controller ($50), you’re practically back at the Elite’s old price point. Add a game or two and the bill exceeds $500. Save yourself the $140 on the Pro and go buy a few games so you can actually play the console when you get home.


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14 Comments For This Post

  1. Colby Aley Says:

    good point!

  2. Marc Says:

    I have an original pro from 2006, and I wish I had a bigger hard disk. The new ones are extortionate so I just go without. Being able to load whole games to disk speeds up loading times and makes it much quieter. If you get an Elite you’d have plenty of space to do that.

  3. ediedi Says:

    I agree. I got a Pro bundeld with two games for a very nice price, and I never play more than 5-6 games at a time anyway, so the hard drive is plenty sufficient.

  4. camera bag Says:

    All the 5 points you are describe in your post for buying a xbox are really helpful for xbox game lovers. The best point according to me is it will save your hard drive up to 835 MB.

  5. Ricky Says:

    The price cut is definately a economically strategic move for Microsoft and Sony.

  6. gg Says:


  7. Ilia Says:

    The elite comes with a hdmi cable, i dont know what ur all babbling about, id still get the elite for the new cooling chip, the new dvd drive, its a bit quieter, uses a bit less power, plus comes with a 120gb harddrive, that about $160 alone for the harddrive, diffrent setup on the mother board, its a new mother board i belive and if u have one after june or augest 09 i belive, its apperantly almost red ring proof, i have 3 freinds who own the elite, they havnt broken yet lol, 1 freind 3 years now with the same elite, 2nd and 3rd only bout 9 months but still its worth the money if u ask me…, still its ur choice right?


  8. Ilia Says:

    srry one more thing, it comes withn a black wireless controller lmao!, i dont know where u guys have been getting ur elite’s O_o, probubly rip off store? lol

  9. Dare Says:

    Greetings peeps.
    I got an xbox 360 PAL system which have the 3 ring of death on it I tried to bring it back to live but nothing.I got plenty of PAL games left behind. Do you think if I buy an xbox 360 pro in the USA, will it read my PAL games??

    I look foward to an answer…peace!!

  10. hxr Says:

    I got the pro last year and i think its the best one you can get. You can upgrade the hd to the 120gb also there are a lot of case mods out there if you dont mind waiting till your warranty expires to change the case (I did). so for the price of a case and a larger hd you have an custom xbox for a little more the what the elite use to cost

  11. Blmthug Says:

    I Bought Xbox 360 Pro With 4 Games For Only £190

  12. bob Says:

    i agree with all of that,but iv’e tried 2 different pros and they both got 4 rings o of death.Also later i found out that pros have had alot of problems with the 4 rings of death.i’m not saying anything against ya but i’m serious!they have also stoped making pros because of the 4 rings of death.

  13. Maroon Says:

    Wow…very good informations! well writing!
    I was thinking of buying an xbox..but i was stuck between pro and elite…i know..elite is so much expensive for nothing new! i will buy an Xbox 360 pro!

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