Oh, the Damage I’ve Done to My Laptops. How About You?

By  |  Monday, August 24, 2009 at 8:39 am

WePCI’ve drizzled various beverages into notebook keyboards. I’ve released laptops from my hands and watched as they’ve struck carpet, hardwood, and concrete. I’ve broken connectors with a definitive “snap.” I wish I could say it was part of some methodical lab testing, but I’ve done all of the above and more during the continuous tech stress test known as everyday living.

In my newest guest post for WePC.com, “The Ultimate Laptop Torture Test: Real Life!,” I write about some of the ways notebooks get broken, and what manufacturers can do to toughen them up against the abuse we inflict. If you check out the post, leave a comment with your horror stories about laptop damage and/or ideas for stopping it. (Here’s an incentive to contribute: ¬†WePC is giving away dozens of Asus notebooks, netbooks, and gaming PCs–both to folks who contribute the smartest comments, and in random drawings.)

See you over there, I hope…

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  1. DaveZatz Says:

    I hope you have good insurance! I’ve never dropped a laptop or really damaged one, other than the Apple power adapter connection that caught on fire and the woman in Panera who on purpose kicked my Dell power cable out when she walked by (killing the power jack).