Health Care Reform becomes Comedic Gold on Twitter

By  |  Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Twitter logoThe U.S. debate over President Obama’s health care reform proposals has taken a humorous turn on Twitter today.

Tweets making light of some of the more outlandish claims that are being made by the President’s political opponents have become trending topics: Under Obamacare and #Obamacarefacts. Here’s a sampling of some of the wittier remarks.


Under Obamacare two grandmas enter… one grandma leaves.


Under ObamaCare, Soylent Green will be people. #obamacarefacts (via @Southworth)


#obamacarefacts Under Obamacare only Chuck Norris will be allowed to practice medicine. Administered via roundhouse kick


Under ObamaCare, keyboard cat will play YOU out. #obamacarefacts


#obamacarefacts Under ObamaCare, organ donates you!


Under ObamaCare, ADHD drugs for children will be replaced with swift punches to the offending child’s arms


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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Tom B Says:

    So, the rule is that everyone who “tweets” is stupid? I’ll take Obamacare over “Blue Cross” Vulture care any day of the week, thank you. So would anybody who’s seen what every OTHER civilized country does.

  2. David Worthington Says:

    Tom, I that think these tweets are being made by people who support reform. They are just having fun with some of the really out there claims that are being made. PS: I would too.

  3. tom b Says:

    “Tom, I that think these tweets are being made by people who support reform.”

    I’m a little touchy on the subject, I guess. I see a strong possibility of NO reform happening because of heavy duty astroturfing by the insurance companies.

  4. David Worthington Says:

    Keep fighting, and keep letting the President and Congress know that you support reform. This is only the 2nd inning.

  5. BW Says:

    So this is a political blog, now?


  6. Harry McCracken Says:

    Naw, just one that sometimes talks about the culture of the Internet…


  7. Burel Tyner Says:

    If this health care plan gets passed, the government will own you. It has worked in no other country. Sure you won’t have to pay for it but neither will you get health care. Ah…what I mean is you won’t have to pay cash but you will pay in taxes.

  8. Jane Says:

    I think that people definitely need greater access to healthcare, but the proposed plan is definitely a bad idea. Our national debt is already out of control. Our grandchildren should not be burdened with having to pay for this. There has to be a better way.