Apple Says Psystar Destroyed Evidence

By  |  Monday, August 17, 2009 at 10:28 am

psystarThere are new allegations in the continuing court battle between Mac clone maker Psystar and Apple: the Cupertino company is now accusing its rival of destruction of evidence: I’m still in shock that the battle has gone this long, but I do digress.

Specifically, Apple says Psystar erased “infringing versions of the software code used on computers sold to its customers.” According to Apple lawyers, during the discovery phase of the case it was found that prior versions of the software had been deleted off of its customer’s computers.

Apparently, these deleted files contained modifications to the Mac OS, which is the central complaint in Apple’s case against the company. Psystar has argued that it had no obligation to save these modifications.

Both Apple and Psystar are set to meet in San Francisco federal court in January of next year.

In related news, after Apple was able to question Psystar executives last week, Psystar has announced a list of nine Apple executives that it plans to question this month. While of course the company’s lawyers will have plenty of questions for these folks, it is also opening up the process to the public.

“Given that there is a significant interest in this litigation aside from the business interest of Psystar, in particularly those of the OSX86 community and others; we want all your input,” the company said in a blog post.

Interested parties can e-mail their questions to Psystar, however answers would not be released until after the conclusion of the case.

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