Chrome for OS X, Where Are You?

By  |  Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 11:54 am

chromelogoTechCrunch’s MG Siegler has a good post up about the latest OS X builds of Chromium, the open-source browser that will become Chrome for the Mac. He’s right that it’s feeling like it might not be too far from being ready for prime time. (I’ll be disappointed if the final version has the nine menus sported by the current build, though–Chrome for Windows has an amazingly minimalist two menus, and that’s one of the things I like most about it.)

I’m in favor of software developers releasing apps when they’re ready, not in a rush, so I’m willing to wait for Chrome for OS X. But with the first anniversary of Chrome for Windows a mere six weeks away, I’m hoping Google might give Mac users a reason to celebrate, too.



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  1. Peter Kasting Says:

    The Dev channel release of Google Chrome for the Mac auto-updates just like the Windows version, so there’s no need to use nightly builds (which may be broken in arbitrary ways) to stay up-to-date with progress on the Mac.

    (I am a Chromium developer.)

  2. Steve Says:

    Peter, can you post a URL for this? And are you talking about the Dev builds of Chrome or Chromium? I would expect Chromium to be moving slightly faster than just Chrome…

    I’ve been using the dev build of Chrome for a couple of weeks now. I’ve never been prompted to update and I’ve never noticed it updating, so as far as I can tell — it hasn’t updated yet. I’ve tried the menu item Chrome -> About Google Chrome, but it always says I’m up to date.

    So far, my biggest problems with this build are:
    1. No bookmark import/management
    2. Tab behavior: one of MY favorite things about Chrome on Windows (and something which I believe is unique to Chrome as a browser on Windows) is how when you have many tabs open and close one, the tabs don’t auto-resize until you move your mouse off the tab bar. This is a great feature for me, because I tend to group my tabs by subject, and once I’m done with a given subject, I’ll close all the related tabs. So it’s nice to be able to click-click-click-click and close all the tabs instead of click-movemouse-click-movemouse-click… you get the idea.

  3. McCrackhead Says:

    I agree with Harry.. sorry

  4. francisz Says:

    You never noticed the updates happen because they are silent and run in the “background”, never disturbing your browsing!!! But if you pay attention to the Version numbers, they’ll actually change weekly or so… So you’re always updated!