PSP Go Could Run Faster

By  |  Friday, July 3, 2009 at 1:02 pm

press-sony-psp-go-1Sony won’t tell you this up front, but it seems the PSP Go will carry a faster processor than the existing PSP-3000.

That’s at least according to FCC filings dug up by Sony Insider. The portable gaming device, which is due in October and will get all of its content through Internet downloads, will include a 480 MHz clock frequency, compared to 333 MHz in the PSP-3000. Sony hasn’t commented on the discovery — enjoying the holiday, perhaps.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the PSP Go will run faster all the time, if at all. The original PSP was bound to 222 MHz until a firmware update unleashed its full potential, Sony Insider notes. We could be looking at a similar situation with the PSP Go, where users would have more power at their disposal down the line.

That’s still an interesting scenario, because it could lead to exclusive games or other content for the new device. Then again, Sony’s Kaz Hirai said at E3 that “the PSP Go will not replace the PSP-3000 or the UMD,” adding that both models would support the same games.

Another possibility would allow the PSP Go to tap a little extra power for the most demanding games, even if they’re designed for both devices. We could also be looking at support for applications (i.e., not video games) that take advantage of the superior hardware.

In any case, the news suggests that the PSP Go and the PSP-3000 aren’t equals, as Sony has worked hard to suggest. More than just a design upgrade with downloads instead of discs, it looks like the PSP Go has a performance advantage as well.

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