Last Call: Got Any Questions for AMD?

By  |  Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 11:14 am

AMD LogoTechnologizer is launching a series in which we’ll let readers pose questions to tech companies, and AMD was nice enough to volunteer to be the first organization to field your queries. Got any questions about the company, its products, the chip industry, or tech in general? Ask away in comments on this post by the end of day on Wednesday. Then look for AMD’s answers soon.


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  1. Toby Hudon Says:

    Here’s one: Where’s the 4770X2? Any chance of a sub-9″ board for one to fit in those cramped HTPC cases?

  2. Toby Hudon Says:

    Here’s another: Where’s OpenCL? Nvidia has some kind of super secret beta developer club you can try and beg your way into, but AMD is silent even though they were showing demos on CPUs and Havok on GPUs at shows already. When can we get a compiler and libraries?

  3. Cliff Forster Says:

    AMD has recently reported a gain in market share. What would you mostly attribute this positive upswing?

    Social Media strategy paying off? Perhaps the Intel EU press was very damaging to big blue? Recognition of the true dollar for dollar value position in a weak economy? Specific innovations that have improved AMD’s product offering?

    If you had to pick something specific that is propelling the increase in share, what would you say it is, and how do you continue to ride this positive trend?

  4. JustCallMeBen Says:

    What’s going to happen to Hybrid-CrossFireX?
    As a gamer caring about the environment (AND my energybill), I would very much like to use a high-end card like the HD4890 in combination with an igp. This way the discrete chip is only used for games while the igp does the typical desktop usage, thus saving power.

    Regrettably Hybrid-CrossFireX is currently only available for a limited number of HD3xxx chips.

    Are there plans to renew the technology?

  5. Mark Davis Says:

    In the last 2 years I believe Intel has adopted a ‘Tick-Tock’ engineering schedule, in one time frame put out a new product, then in another a refresh and then back to a new product. What kind of engineering schedule does AMD follow? And are we most likely to see a new micro-architecture for Bulldozer?

    Why does it seem like ATI’s game developer relations are so lackluster compared to Nvidia’s? For example on most game boxes I see a TWIMTBP ad versus an AMD ad. Are there any plans to change this?

  6. Stilgar Says:

    I would like to know what processors AMD is working on that are not targeted at desktops/laptops? Do they have a response for the Atom? What about cell phone CPUs/GPUs?

  7. avaricesoft Says:

    I like AMD i am a software developer and i prefer AMD, and i also uses the very old AMD system because of financial problems but i get no problem of any sort from AMD…..

    My system conf. is:
    AMD Athlon 64 bit 2800
    2 GB RAM
    256 Graphics Card
    MSI Board.

    and i uses 8 process consequtive like
    1- 2 Visual Studio .net 2008
    2- MS SQL SERVER 2005 Developer Edition
    3- 2 Web Browsers
    4- Torrent
    5- Internet Download Manager [which takes so much cpu usage]
    6- Adobe Photoshop.

    I check all the process same on my friend Intel computer with same configuration but its behave like P1 but in my AMD GREAT System its not gonna treat like a P1 and like AMD…