Feds Probing Tech Hiring Practices

By  |  Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 9:49 am

The Justice Department has launched an antitrust probe to take a look at the methods used by some tech companies to hire employees. The Feds believe that methods used when negotiating the hiring of each others employees may be anti-competitive. According to the Washington Post, the investigation is industry-wide, however the DOJ is focusing primarily on the actions of several big-name tech companies.

Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Genetech are receiving the most attention in the early stages of the investigation. Investigators believe the deals to not hire away star talent may be anti-competitive and allows the companies maintain market dominance illegally.

This case is not the first time that the DOJ has taken on tech. In May, it said it would look into Google and Apple, who have strong ties in the leadership of each company. Specifically, the boards of either have strong representation of executives of the other, which could potentially be a conflict of interest.

Back on the subject of hiring, it will be interesting to see what the DOJ concludes. I never really noticed any issue until this story. Come to think of it, there is very low turnover between companies, especially in the upper echelons of managemen

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  1. tom b Says:

    Sounds like the DoJ is pretty much being paid by MSFT these days.