Google Suggest: Weren’t We Doing This Already?

By  |  Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 9:03 am

It’s always somewhat amusing when companies roll out old features as new ones. Essentially, that’s what Google Suggest is. The company has rejiggered a feature that has long been available through the Google search field and prettied it up a bit.

Essentially the changes build on prexisting functionality. Google has made the feature personalized, which would cull your web history (if you have a Google account and are signed in, Google does track your searches) and add previous search terms into the suggestion list.

Another feature is navigational suggestions. When you type a search term in that may be closely related to an actual site, the site is populated in the returns, which allows you to go directly to that site without searching through the results for it.

This goes even further with Google actually even looking through AdSense ads for returns. It says the ads in Google Suggest would appear similar to the way they do on the results pages, with a “Sponsored Link” mark and colored background.

Google says that functionality is being tested and is not open to all advertisers. If it works well, it could be expanded but the company isn’t expanding too much on its plans there.

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