Alleged iPhone 3.0 Specs and Ship Date Leak

By  |  Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm

An Apple enthusiast blog may have gotten its hands on the holy grail of gadget news: the specs and final ship date for the next iPhone. Apple iPhone Apps reports that the next generation smart phone will ship on July 17 with an assortment of new hardware features.

Before I comment about the veracity of the report, and all of the cool alleged features, it has to be said that this news breaking today is unfortunate for Palm, which announced that the Pre would be shipping on Jun. 6 for US$199.99 (after rebate) earlier today.

If this unconfirmed report is true, the iPhone 3.0’s feature set easily eclipses the Pre.  Here’s the breakdown:

* 32GB and 16GB to replace current capacities
* $199 and $299 pricebpoints to be maintained
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* Video recording and editing capabilities
* Ability to send a picture and video via MMS
* Discontinuation of the metal band surrounding the edge of the device
* OLED screen
* 150% more battery life
* Double the RAM and processing power
* Built-in FM transmitter
* Apple logo on the back to light up
* Rubber-tread backing
* Sleeker design
* Built-in compass
* Use of the camera, GPS, compass, and Google maps to identify photo and inform about photo locations.
* Turn by turn directions

That is a compelling list of features, and logical enough that I have to suspend my skepticism. Everything makes sense for a next generation iPhone–except for the costly OLED screen. However, economies of scale may solve that problem.

It is also high time that OLEDs are being used in more devices. They eliminate the back it glare of LCDs screens, and use far less energy. If Apple is serious about making gaming one of the iPhone’s selling points, this is the way to go.

Indeed, many features solve problems or offer a natural progression from today’s iPhone, and this is a feasible feature set. My biggest gripes are the current phone’s battery life, camera, and storage capacity.

Removing the metal band could improve reception, and firming up its grip is also a good idea that I’m certain many customers have asked for. The iPhone is slippery without a case, and dropping mine would mean a costly $500 mistake.

Couple these specs with the new firmware and rumored cheaper data plans, and we  would have a winner. I can’t imagine that Apple won’t continue to outshine the competition–unless one of them pulls a rabbit out of its hat.


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  1. shawn Says:

    The Palm will be released June 6th. I am between the two devices, but the reality of the list for Apple remains to be seen and the fanboy crowd will stop at nothing to slam the Pre. I love the fact that the Pre has made Apple step up its game and At&T cut its rates…the fanboys should be thankful for the Pre, not hateful…

    I am awaiting reviews of both and will get one or the other. If only verizon had either of those phones. All the best phones are on the crappiest networks.

  2. Paul Warner Says:

    Sounds to good to be true. I think some of the listed features will be in a new phone if one is announced, but not all.

  3. onlinecharity Says:

    This certainly looks like it’s going to keep Apple ahead in the Palm Vs Apple contest that’s going to be happening soon.
    Nothing can rival the iPhone, especially on style, and that’s what many people are going for now.
    The features of OS 3.0 just make the iPhone seem even more impressive and distance it from its rivals further.

  4. Lars Says:

    I think the shipping date for the Pre is actually the 8th… but that makes little difference because a) Sprint is going to create an artificial shortage to generate “buzz” b) Sprint is not really pushing the Pre with advertising, relying on “buzz”– i.e.: the kind of early adopters and fanboys and girls who would be buying the thing anyway and c) webOS seems doomed no matter how good it is.

    Palm lost out to Windows Mobile back in the PDA days (unfairly) and its loyal customers got the stick. It will happen again. RIM, Apple and Google have the muscle to compete and grow. Palm does not. (I’m going to get a 3rd gen iPhone but I’ll surely keep an eye on the next crop of Androids. I think they will be the serious competition for iPhone in the years to come.)

  5. Lars Says:

    Sorry. Shawn is right. 6th. (Never use memory! Google it!)

  6. David Worthington Says:

    fixed it… thanks.

  7. Logic Prophet Says:

    I’m waiting to see if this is all true. I like the pre, I’m a sucker for slider keyboards. But the iphone will be unmatched if the specs and pricing are true.

  8. George Says:

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