Google News: Down Again

By  |  Monday, May 18, 2009 at 6:43 am

Last Thursday, a bunch of Google services went down for about an hour, and the company said that the glitch was due to a traffic jam

caused when it had to route a lot of traffic through Asia. It said it would work hard to prevent it from happening again. But over on Twitter, lots of folks are reporting that Google News is unavailable–here’s what I saw when I tried to get in:

Google News Error

In recent months it certainly seems like the reliability of Google services has been patchy. But I’m still not sure whether it’s been struggling, or it’s simply that A) Google offers more major services than anyone else; B) many of them are indispensable; C) as the most important Web company, it’s under the biggest magnifying glass.

(Postscript: Google News is back up. At least for me, at least right now.)



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  1. venkat Says:

    yet another google serivice goes down this time it’s google news ,people are getting used to these now as this getting common.

  2. Jon W Says:

    Common is a serious overstatement.