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By  |  Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 11:32 am

GizapageHow many social networks do you belong to? I’ve signed up for so many that I’ve forgotten about some of them, and I don’t even try to alert my pals to all the places they can find me. So I’m intrigued by GizaPage, a “social network organizer” (based in Israel) that launched this week.

It’s one of the simpler startup ideas I’ve run across lately: Basically, all it does is let you aggregate all your social network memberships on a page that puts each network in its own tab. (It supports more than forty networks and other services with social network-like features, from Amazon to Zoomr, and you can also plug in any URL you want.) Result: You can tell people your GizaPage’s address (mine is at rather than about each network individually.


And here’s my FriendFeed page as it shows up within Gizapage:


GizaPage has some social-networking features of its own, but they’re intentionally rudimentary. You can suck in contacts from sources like your Gmail account and friend other GizaPage users, but that’s mostly because the service has a privacy feature that lets you hide some of your social network tabs from everyone except your GizaPage friends, or hide them from everyone except yourself. The first option is useful if you’ve got some accounts you’re happy to let the world see, and others that are more intensely personal; the second one might be handy if you use Gizapage to put all your networks in one place so you can check them all without traveling all over the Web.

GizaPpage isn’t a social-network aggregator like FriendFeed–all the networks stay on their own tabs. There are places where it’s too spartan: The profile page that lives on the first tab people see when they visit your GizaPage is pretty drab, and I don’t see any way to shuffle around tabs once you’ve created them. The company says it plans to beef up customization options, as well as let uses create custom domain names rather than making them adopt one at

Even with its current limitations, it’s worth a look. If you check it out, let us know what you think.

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