Is Palm Planning to Pre-Empt (Get It?) the New iPhone?

By  |  Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 9:37 pm

Nelson MuntzOver at MobileCrunch, M.G. Siegler engages in some speculation that’s entertaining–even if it turns out to be wrong. (And we don’t yet know whether even Palm knows a firm ship date for the Pre.)

It’s now just about May and there’s still been no official word from Palm when it comes to an official launch date or pricing for the Pre. All we know is what we’ve known for a long time — it’ll launch the first half of 2009; a window that is quickly closing. But a few pieces of new evidence today point to an actual specific date. And it’s a very intriguing one — June 7: The day before a likely Apple keynote address at its WWDC conference.


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