Microsoft's New "Apple Tax" Charts: Hey, They Look Familiar!

By  |  Friday, April 10, 2009 at 12:04 am

After I finished writing about the oddities and errors in the white paper Microsoft released today about the so-called “Apple Tax,” I read a post on the same topic by Joe Wilcox over at eWeek. He said the charts in the paper, which is credited to Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies, looked vaguely familiar. They did to me, too. So I dug through my e-mail to find the stuff Microsoft had sent me in the past about Windows PC and Mac pricing,

Here’s a chart that a Microsoft representative sent me back on October 24th, comparing the MacBooks against Windows laptops (sorry it’s so small):

Apple Tax

And here’s the laptop comparison chart in the new white paper:

Apple Tax chart

This is a chart on Mac and Windows desktops that Microsoft sent me on January 5th, when it and the world thought Apple might announce one or more cheap new Macs at Macworld Expo (it didn’t):

Apple Tax chart

And here’s the desktop chart in the white paper:

Apple Tax chart

Both charts have gotten updates–for instance, the new laptop one has the $999 MacBook with a DVD burner (which is right, even though it’s not the $999 MacBook configuration you’ll buy today) and some of the PCs are different.

I’m not saying there’s anything fishy going on here–maybe Microsoft hired Endpoint to create the charts and analysis it sent out earlier, but didn’t credit it that time.¬† But it’s worth noting that the new charts aren’t really new–they’re updates (albeit insufficiently updated ones) to ones that Microsoft was distributing under its own name several months ago. And Kay’s argument that the cost of Apple-brand networking equipment and a Sony Blu-Ray player is a penalty Mac owners must pay is also repeated from another round of materials that a Microsoft representative sent me on October 13th.

Bottom line: The white paper is a rehash, not a revelation…


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  1. Shawn Roberts Says:

    I am not sure if this is the in the charts because they are difficult to read, but if the 15 inch MBP with 4GB of ram is compared to the 15 inch dell (which I think is a little high in price anyway) there is about a $1000 difference, not an insignificant amount.

  2. slappy Says:

    Thats a good catch. If true, its just typical Microsoft B.S. and FUD technique the unsuspecting public is unaware of.

  3. jlee Says:

    a ferarri costs more than a yugo too… im still not buying a yugo

  4. Brenda Says:

    All Microsoft knows is lying. It’s the only absolutely consistent thing they do other than poor mimicry of other people’s innovations.

  5. Neil Anderson Says:

    Looks similar.

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